Simon Cowell goes from extreme judge to lavish wedding planner

Apparently, “America’s Got Talent” judge Simon Cowell has some talent of his own and it is outside of the music industry.

Just months after proposing to actress and longtime girlfriend Laura Silverman while on a family vacation in Barbados, the 62-year-old Cowell is taking over the wedding planning because unsurprisingly, the original “American Idol” panelist like to be in control of all the details.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Cowell gives fans a little insight into his wedding planning, but he’s keeping when the upcoming nuptials will take place as part of the surprise.

“I am planning it all, otherwise I know what will happen – there will be 600 people and it’ll get out of control, like my 50th birthday party,” Cowell told the British newspaper.  “No one knows when it’s going to be – that’ll be a surprise, even for Lauren.”

Sounds like Cowell likes to keep Silverman on her toes just like their long overdue engagement moment in Barbados.  But, aside from planning the perfect wedding for his soon-to-be pride and mother of his only child, Cowell just doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of having a wedding planner.

He wants to be the one in charge of the food, the invitation list and obviously the music.

What led to Simon Cowell putting a ring on it?

Speaking of the engagement, what led to Simon Cowell finally putting a ring on it?

Credit the couple’s 8-year-old son Eric and COVID for Cowell finally sealing the deal.  The AGT judge said he wants his son to grow up having two committed parents like he did as a child and as far as the virus that led to the pandemic, Cowell said unlike some relationships, it helped him realize Silverman was who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

“I’ve kind of felt myself engaged for a long time, if I’m really being honest,” Cowell said.  “Lockdown and COVID were probably make or break for many relationships.  We were in the same house for over a year and I thought, ‘Well, actually, we get along really, really well.’”

“And for Eric, as he gets older, he will be asked more and more about his parents, and I thought it was the right things to do for him.  I also just couldn’t see myself ever dating anyone again.  The idea of going out on a first date now is too weird.”

Sounds like all the right reasons, especially after an 18-year relationship with Silverman.  That tells you how patient she is and how into Cowell she is, especially giving him all the power to plan their wedding.

Oh, that’s a whole lot of love.  And that’s no shade to Simon Cowell, of course.