Kanye West threatens Pete Davidson (see the shocking lyrics)

Kanye West might have moved on and entered a new relationship, but it seems West might still be hung up on his ex Kim Kardashian and he’s not hiding his feelings about the rumored new man in her life very well.

Following their divorce in 2021, Kardashian was understandably slow to re-enter the dating game but it did not take long for rumors to swirl and for Kardashian to become attached to some of Hollywood’s biggest names. While most of the rumors turned out to be, well, nothing more than rumors, recent months have seen things heat up between Kardashian and Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson.

Kardashian and Davidson seem to be getting closer with each passing week, which apparently doesn’t sit well with Kardashian’s ex.

Did Kanye West threaten Pete Davidson?

While Kanye West has not directly addressed his ex’s relationship status directly in an interview, the Grammy-winner recently made his feelings for Pete Davidson clear with a threatening message directed toward the SNL star in his newest song.

In new a newly released preview from West’s new song, “My Life Was Never Eazy,” West takes direct aim at Davidson rapping “God saved me from that crash, just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass.”

The lyric has quickly begun turning heads and could not come at a worse time for West, who has recently found himself at the heart of yet another controversy this time involving an assault incident which is said to have occurred in LA.

It’s going to be interesting to see how or if Kardashian or Davidson respond to West’s not-so-subtle dig in the lyrics of his new track, but we imagine it will only make the already tense relationship between West and his ex even more complicated.