RHONY: Eboni Williams says it’s not her job to teach Ramona Singer about social justice

As Bravo tries to grapple with social justice while keeping a regularly rotating pool of misbehaving housewives on its network, it’ll be interesting to see how this new socially aware era of the Real Housewives pans out. Beginning in RHONY Season 13, the ladies meet newcomer Eboni K. Williams, the chapter’s first Black housewife.

In a recent op-ed from Vulture, Eboni discussed what it was like for her to join the show after spending years as a cable-news journalist and even some time working at Fox News.

According to Eboni, she felt that the women were “definitely walking on eggshells a bit” when she started to film with the cast.

But it shouldn’t come as a surprise to long-time fans of the series that the most egregious problems stem from interactions with OG housewife Ramona Singer, who is far from PC. It’s long been rumored that Ramona is in the MAGA camp with some claiming they saw her attending Trump’s previous Mar-A-Lago bash.

In one of the previous RHONY reunions, Ramona didn’t admit to voting for him but she came pretty close, saying,  “Well I’ve met Hillary at some private homes in the Hamptons, I know Donald Trump from Mar-A-Lago because my friends are friends with him, so I’ve been to his place a number of times. But ultimately she said, “Gosh, I’m not going there,” in terms of admitting who she cast her vote for in the 2016 election.

RHONY: Leah McSweeney says Ramona doesn’t have any ‘Black people in her circle of friends’

To Vulture, Leah McSweeney said, “You saw Ramona [Singer]’s birthday; there was not even a brunette person there. That doesn’t mean that Ramona doesn’t like Black people. There’s just no Black people in her circle of friends. When you see this season, it is the microcosm of what’s happening in our country. We were forced to have these conversations.”

In RHONY Season 13, it sounds like the housewives will contend with some legitimate social justice issues on-air. Eboni said that her time at Fox News “was a great primer” for her new Bravo experience.

Above all, Eboni doesn’t intend to be that person that’s going to educate these ladies. She thinks it would be a “fool’s errand” to go into the show expecting to change the other people. That’s not her job.

“It’s really never me saying, ‘Oh, let me have this conversation with Ramona so I can get her to understand Black Lives Matter.’ That is not my f***ing job. Bravo didn’t pay me for that. Nor is it even my assignment to get all of the people that watch this show to understand that. Like, I’m really not a teacher on this show.”

It sounds like either way, Eboni is going to be a breath of fresh air on this series.

RHONY Season 13 premieres May 4 on Bravo.