RHOD: Who is D’Andra Simmons’s stepmother Patsy Calloway?

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DALLAS, Dee Simmons, D'Andra Simmons (Photo by: Danny Bollinger/Bravo)
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DALLAS, Dee Simmons, D'Andra Simmons (Photo by: Danny Bollinger/Bravo) /

Real Housewives of Dallas star D’Andra Simmons has no shortage of family drama. If you’ve been watching the show since the beginning you’ve seen the ups and downs between her and Mama Dee. The family dynamics are integral to the show’s success and RHOD Season 5 has continued the trend.

In the early seasons, D’Andra and her mother regularly butted heads over her trust fund and their family business, but recently D’Andra has started to talk more about the complicated relationship she has with her stepmother Patsy Calloway and stepbrother Ross.

RHOD Season 5 has seen D’Andra trying to reach out to both of those people in an attempt to mend fences. Early on, she left a message for her brother, but he never got back to her. Then she decided to accept a message from Patsy to see if she could bridge the chasm that has opened up between them.

In RHOD Season 5, Episode 15, D’Andra finally went to a meeting with Patsy face-to-face. Patsy declined to be filmed, so we didn’t get to see it but it sounds like the meeting was the right move for D’Andra who walked away feeling like she had taken an important first step.

Thankfully, D’Andra had the support of her husband, Jeremy by her side. Seriously, that man waited in the car for her for more than two hours while she went and chatted with Patsy, what a trooper!

Mama Dee, on the other hand, really didn’t have any kind words to say about Patsy. In one of her confessionals, she even claims that her husband said he didn’t marry for “looks” the second time around and Mama Dee told him to go fix his new wife’s nose. Ouch. Certainly, no love lost there.

However, some of Dee’s concerns seemed genuine. When asked for a pep talk pre-meeting, Dee warned D’Andra not to let Patsy walk all over her. Apparently, growing up, Patsy wasn’t very nice to D’Andra and she would often come home really upset about things her stepmother had said.

RHOD Season 5: Who is Patsy Calloway?

But who exactly is Patsy Calloway? It’s always challenging to play out these storylines when one party won’t film, it’s a lot different than when we saw the dynamic between D’Andra and her mom play out before.

Basically what we’ve learned is that D’Andra’s bio dad married Patsy after Dee and the two adopted Ross, making him D’Andra’s stepbrother. For a time, D’Andra was actually closer to Patsy than she was to Mama Dee but then things went south after her father committed suicide. The most significant factor contributing to the downfall of the family relationship was over legal troubles regarding the will D’Andra’s dad left behind.

According to D’Andra and various reports, her dad left two wills behind, one of them left everything to D’Andra while the other included Ross and Patsy.

“We have a legal battle, and we ripped each other’s throats out, hearts out, everything we had because my father left us in this situation,” D’Andra said in one confessional.

RHOD Season 5: How did the meeting come to be?

D’Andra recently chatted with Distractify about the nature of her relationship with Patsy, revealing that she initially didn’t have plans to talk about her family until her stepmother randomly reached out to her ahead of the show’s fifth season to let her know Ross had a new baby. The 51-year-old said she’d considering breaking the ice herself a few times over the years, but was happy Patsy made the first move.

"“I wanted to reach out to them, but it was almost so serendipitous that they reached out to me. That’s what this is about. Reality television is about telling what’s happening in your life, and telling real stories that people can resonate with. Or not. People want to see that vulnerability. This is the first time I actually got to do that.”"

Regarding D’Andra and Ross, it doesn’t look like things are going to get better for them anytime soon. In Season 5, Episode 15, D’Andra revealed that her stepmom said Ross wasn’t interested in having a relationship with her.

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