Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast wrong for attacking Drew over recording

Kandi Burruss delivers grocery packages during Kandi C.A.R.E.S(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)
Kandi Burruss delivers grocery packages during Kandi C.A.R.E.S(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images) /

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, or RHOA, have just completed their most recent season. With this past Sunday night’s Season Finale in the books, it is now time to look forward to what should only be a nuclear bomb of a reunion.

Well, almost, time to look forward. To tie a bow around the season, there is one specific issue or tidbit from Sunday’s episode that just doesn’t quite sit right.

In the final episode and at Cynthia Bailey’s Friends-Mas celebration, Drew Sidora reveals that not only does she still think that cast member, Latoya Howard, is sleeping with Prophet Lott but that she has a recording to prove it. The recording does provide some circumstantial evidence, the prophet’s own account of experiences or his philosophy on matters such as the one he finds himself the subject of, but it doesn’t directly implicate him.

Here’s the thing about it all and though Drew’s execution is piss poor here, at best, she’s not wrong and doesn’t deserve to be treated with the vitriol that some of her cast members have treated her with here. Specifically and, in example, the way that Kandi snapped at her during that part of the program.

The ladies of RHOA can carry on quite the double standards, but this is just flat out being ‘incorrect’ on Kandi’s behalf.

Take this for example. If Drew doesn’t want her child to be “blessed” or “christened” by a guy who claims to be of the cloth, but participates in certain actions, then that is understandable.

Drew is protecting herself and her reputation. With Latoya and the prophet, their main correlating point would be Drew and the show, itself, which automatically creates a linkage.

So, if there ever is static about his relationship, status, dealings, or actions as a person, prophet, or man of the cloth,  then that could also then be reflected back on Drew, her situation, and her reputation.

It’s really not that hard to understand. Kandi should definitely understand such things.

Now, was Drew’s execution the best? No, not at all.

She could have been much better about that. Also as Kandi and others, if memory serves correct, appeared to be trying to say that “the prophet was responsible for pursuing Latoya” or that “he was guilty too”, that would the true as well.

Drew has addressed it all for at least two episodes. Does that mean that Latoya is totally absolved though?

No. It absolutely does not.

That’s the way Kandi, Porsche, and Kenya made you feel with their actions of defending her, while attacking Drew and the prophet. They are all wrong here, but the least wrong is Drew.

Again, while she is going about it the wrong way, her reasoning is the most sound and solid. Everyone else is just doing what they see fit at the moment and to cover their own butts.

So, again, while Drew could have gone about it better, for the cast to attack her and seemingly absolve Latoya because the prophet pursued her, is totally wrong. Kandi was the leader of that train and should be called out for how she sounded.

That would be simple, silly, and just flat out, wrong. Drew wasn’t wrong there, although she was wrong for Gift-Wig-Gate, but that’s a totally different topic.

The RHOA reunion will be glorious. This… and a few other issues should be sorted out.

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