Vanderpump Rules: Would you watch a Jax Taylor HGTV show?

Jax Taylor (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Carl's Jr.)
Jax Taylor (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Carl's Jr.) /

We’re sensing a theme here.  Jax Taylor has been doing his best to convince us that he has a lot going on behind the scenes, but could he actually have something in motion already?  It was rumored that Jax and Brittany Cartwright were moving to Kentucky ahead of the arrival of their first child.  Before that happens, is Jax working on some sort of man cave show with HGTV post-Vanderpump Rules?

He’s been posting silly “sketches” of “man caves” to his Instagram, but could this actually turn into something?  The Vanderpump Rules kids have all been working on their side projects while the show is on hiatus, but they definitely have contracts that might keep them from doing other television shows.  It is possible HGTV doesn’t count, or that the contracts will soon expire.

In his Instagram bio, Jax lists many interesting things.  “Jax Taylor Inc.,” which is apparently a company that was registered back in 2018, but it still up to date according to the official California Business Search website.  It also boasts that he is a “T.V./ Show creator/Producer 📺🎥.”  His IMDB page lists nothing of the sort.

While he may have been fired from Vanderpump Rules, a man cave show with an ex-reality star sounds just awful enough to be something the Home & Garden Television channel would be interested in.

Is HGTV in the cards for Jax Taylor as he moves on from Vanderpump Rules?

It didn’t look like a full setup for filming, so perhaps it was just a pilot episode or something to drum up interest for the channel.  But if they are moving to Kentucky sometime soon, where would such a show take place?

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The possibilities are endless for Jax and Brittany!  Except they are having a child in a month or two, so is this the right time to start a new television production career?  Sounds like a move Jax would make.

Vanderpump Rules is back on Bravo…for reruns!