Southern Charm: The rumors about Madison LeCroy are piling up

SOUTHERN CHARM, Austen Kroll, Naomie Olindo, Shepard Rose, Andy Cohen, Kathryn Dennis, Craig Conover, Chelsea Meissner (Photo by: Bravo)
SOUTHERN CHARM, Austen Kroll, Naomie Olindo, Shepard Rose, Andy Cohen, Kathryn Dennis, Craig Conover, Chelsea Meissner (Photo by: Bravo) /

Southern Charm is wrapping up their seventh season, and all eyes are on Madison LeCroy for all the wrong reasons.  Madison joined the show as Austen Kroll’s love interest, but it turned ugly pretty quickly.  Not long after that, they got back together and broke up no less than 50 times over the course of their relationship, which seems normal for the cast of this show.

But when Austen and Craig Conover started hanging out with Kristen Cavallari and Justin Anderson, Madison took her shot at Kristen’s ex-husband, Jay Cutler.  All of them have been fighting back and forth on social media for the last week, but ultimately, who is going to side with Madison over the queen of Laguna Beach, Kristen Cavallari?

During the reunion, both Austen and Craig brought up the fact that Madison was flying around allegedly sleeping with married ex-baseball players in the middle of the pandemic.  Craig was insistent that she even FaceTimed this person next to him at a bar one night.  Either way, there seem to be a LOT of rumors about Madison’s personal life and who she sleeps with floating around.

The most recent suspect is Mr. Alex Rodriguez, aka A-ROD, who is currently dating someone by the name of Jennifer Lopez.  Imagine cheating on J LO for a D-list reality star?  Impossible!  It is important to note that Madison denies all of this.  Either way, Madison is not out here being accused of doing too much philanthropic work or volunteering too much.

Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy is making a name for herself!  In a bad way.

Much of the first part of the reunion was spent discussing the drama surrounding Madison and the various relationships she seems to be a part of in one way or another.  It seems that some of the cast drank too much Trop Hop prior to filming because they are heated.

The most surprising part of the reunion was definitely that Craig’s Sewing Down South pillow line is doing astonishingly well.  They just got their first million-dollar order for somewhere around 30,000 pillows.  Go Craig!

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The only other news was that Kathryn Dennis is not pregnant and Shep Rose did not wash his hair for the reunion.  Otherwise, the topic remained “Madison, Madison, Madison.”  Hopefully, we can discuss something else during part two next week, because Madison doesn’t deserve all of this attention.

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