RHOSLC: Why did Mary Cosby go missing from the show?

Mary Cosby might be one of the strangest people we’ve seen on Bravo thus far, but she was a big part of the first season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.  For a little while at least.  But as the season progressed, we saw less and less of Mary.  Though she had a lot of drama with Jen Shah, we mostly only heard about the drama from Jen and lacked actual face time from Mary.

This week, Mary spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the “cruel allegations” that she went missing.  Adding to the fun, Mary spoke in the third person throughout.  “I don’t know that people want more Mary. However, I want more Mary. They tried to phase Mary out.”  When the host asked why she wasn’t included in a lot of the group events, Mary said she was thrilled to not go.

As far as why she was missing, Mary hasn’t watched the show so she doesn’t even know why she was missing.  Most of the time, you are contractually obligated to show up to filmed group events if you are a full-time cast member.  Since it was rumored that Mary might have been a friend instead of a full-time wife, it makes sense that she wouldn’t be at the group events.  And now that they mention it, a lot of her interactions with other wives were through facetime.

“Does Mary Cosby lie? No, Mary Cosby does not lie,” she said of the situation of everyone being afraid Jen.  Mary also noted that the reunion might have brought some closure to the situation, but said we have to tune in to the reunion to find out.

Mary Cosby was notably missing from some group scenes during The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 1, but where was she?

Mary obviously denied that she was running a cult, but everyone who runs a cult denies that they are running a cult.  There was also no real answer when asked if she would return for season 2.  It’s possible that contracts have not even gone out yet because the season is still airing on Bravo.

After watching this interview, there are still more questions than answers.  Why was she missing so much?  Mary doesn’t know, we don’t know, and Charlinda probably doesn’t know either.  More mysterious situations surrounding Mary, coming right up.

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