Below Deck: Dolores went overboard but Rachel Hargrove lost her mind

BELOW DECK -- Pictured: Captain Lee Rosbach -- (Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo)
BELOW DECK -- Pictured: Captain Lee Rosbach -- (Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo) /

When the crew of Below Deck gets a day off at a resort, some of them accidentally let their hair down a little too aggressively.

While the pandemic right around the corner on this season of Below Deck, the cast and guests onboard My Seanna are all losing their minds.  James Hough and Elizabeth Frankini have decided to cuddle in Izzy Wouters bed while guest Dolores refused to stay on board.  She hopped off the boat at night after Captain Lee Rosbach demanded that she stay on the boat.  Not only that, but once Captain Lee kicked her off the yacht for the day, she jumped off the tender!  It sort of seems like Dolores has been kicked off boats before based on her behavior.

But all of that was merely an afterthought when the group headed to a resort for a day off.  Rachel Hargrove is an extraordinary chef by day and a possessed demon spawn by night.  Rachel was thrilled by the idea of having a seafood extravaganza and her excitement just could not be contained after that.  To be fair, the extravaganza did look very exciting.  “I’ve never seen so many dead lobsters in one spot,” Captain Lee said.

At one point, Rachel got on stage and demanded a dirty song for karaoke.  Not long after that, she rolled on her back like a beached turtle and started growling at the sun.  The rest of the crew just stared in disbelief as she accosted the band on stage.  All she could eek out was a slur about women’s anatomy, which happened to be quite funny.

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Meanwhile, Captain Lee spent his free day eating pizza in silence on the yacht.  We love this journey for him and would have probably picked the same over watching Rachel the Turtle screaming.  This was a cliffhanger episode and we can’t wait to see how she recovers next week!

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