RHOC: Kelly Dodd’s mom is in the ICU due to COVID-19

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY -- Pictured: (l-r) Kelly Dodd, Brauwyn Windham-Burke -- (Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo)
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY -- Pictured: (l-r) Kelly Dodd, Brauwyn Windham-Burke -- (Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo) /

Kelly Dodd has used her platform from The Real Housewives of Orange County to denounce the coronavirus and the precautions taken against it.

If anyone has been vocal about their disbelief of COVID-19, it has been The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Kelly Dodd.  She’s pushed back on wearing masks, traveled the country multiple times, denied that the virus is serious, and even said the precautions needed to stay safe don’t work.  Over the weekend, Kelly’s brother, Eric Meza, posted on his Instagram page that he needed prayers for his mother, Bobbi Meza, who was in the ICU with COVID-19.  Eric’s page has since gone private, but not before the world saw his post.

In the comments, Kelly commented “Mom has me blocked ! [sic] JR says she’s not in icu.”  Eric responded that JR doesn’t know anything and that he personally took her there.  Fans were tagging Kelly in the post and asking if she would take the virus seriously now, and she said “My mom is a diabetic and 71, of course, I take COVID seriously.”  She also said her mom wasn’t dying “abs [sic] wasn’t on a ventilator.”  They were worried about her blood sugar due to her diabetes.

Kelly has been absent from social media since that comment, and Eric hasn’t commented further.  Earlier this summer, Kelly angered a lot of people when she said that this virus was “God’s way of thinning the herd.”  Her ignorance has truly been something to marvel at, but we wonder if this has changed her tune at all?  No.  It has not.

Just on Saturday, Kelly posted a photo of her and some girlfriends, maskless and out to dinner.  “Enjoying our last meal out before the curfew kicks 🦵 in ..10pm-5am!! 🙃🙃🙃🙄🙄🙄,” she captioned the photo.  She also compared containing the virus to pants containing a fart.  So overall, Kelly doesn’t seem concerned with Bobbi being sick.

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It is pointless to argue with someone like Kelly because she will never change her mind.  The willful ignorance runs deep.  We hope Bobbi makes a full recovery and gets out of the ICU soon.

For more information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website or the website for your state’s Department of Health.

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