Vanderpump Rules: Jax Taylor leaked the gender of Scheana Shay’s baby?

Scheana Shay (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)
Scheana Shay (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images) /

Vanderpump Rules babies!  Jax Taylor revealed that Scheana Shay was expecting a boy or girl on Instagram this week, but was it on purpose?  Probably.

Since Vanderpump Rules is still defunct, Scheana Shay has been very busy building up her YouTube presence.  Scheana has just over 40,000 subscribers on the channel now, and it appears to be growing rapidly.  To be fair, her videos are more interesting than any scene she was ever involved in on the show.  Scheana and Brock Davies filmed a video for their gender reveal party and received some backlash after the 20-minute video told fans to tune in next week to see the gender of the baby.

A lot of people called this “clickbait,” since it was, but Scheana promised to reveal the gender of their first child next week.  That is, until Jax Taylor screamed it out in an Instagram video.  You can hear Brittany Cartwright try to talk him away from the news with a “shhhhh” but was too late.  Jax spilled the beans on the baby’s gender before Scheana could!

Of course, not a single person would put it past Jax to do this on purpose.  We know he doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together and he doesn’t like Scheana, so why not spill her beans?  We still have five more days until Scheana reveals her news on YouTube.  He’s probably also salty that People cared enough about the announcement to pay her for it.  Go Scheana!

When one fan asked about the timing on Twitter, she said “I’m scared everyday. But I’m happy and healthy and doing everything on my own time how I want to. I wanted to share this news to give others hope too!”  Scheana also noted that she didn’t get pregnant to keep up with her castmates.  She was pregnant in May but sadly miscarried.  “Didn’t freeze my eggs for fun lol,” she replied.

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I know we didn’t reveal the gender here, either, but we’re trying to respect the future Shay-Davies offspring and her need for clickbait.  But we will give you a hint!  It’s definitely a boy or a girl!  And Jax is definitely a monster, no matter the case.

UPDATE: Scheana and Brock announced this week that they are having a girl!  That is what Jax revealed on Instagram live, too.  Thanks Jax!

Vanderpump Rules is on Bravo….for reruns.