Real Housewives of Potomac: Ashley Darby’s storyline is very relatable

Karen Huger and Ashley Boalch Darby (Photo by Brian Stukes/Getty Images)
Karen Huger and Ashley Boalch Darby (Photo by Brian Stukes/Getty Images) /

RHOP’s Ashley Darby is working on herself in therapy, and Karen Huger is working on her one-liners while she comes for Wendy Osefo.

Even though we might not always agree with Ashley Darby and her situation with Michael Darby onThe Real Housewives of Potomac, her story is one that many women can relate to.  To be a new mom that is overwhelmed by life, new baby things, and to have your husband stepping out on you and embarrassing you on a regular basis?  No wonder her therapist suggested she find a way to have fun.

Putting the “Real” in “Real Housewives”

While everyone might not relate to the whole situation, pieces of Ashley’s story probably do.  Watching her go to therapy to try and better herself, not only for Dean, but for herself, is a huge step!

On top of that, not many housewives are willing to show this side of their life on camera.  Ashley’s story might encourage someone else to go to therapy or to work towards that in the future.  She might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she definitely makes for a great housewife.

Postpartum depression, or PPD, is a very common experience for women after giving birth.  However, not everyone knows that!  “These questions tell me that maybe something is not right.  I’m struggling,” she told her therapist.  And with that, a cast trip was born!

Karen vs Wendy

While Ashley was dealing with her therapist, Karen Huger was busy reading Wendy Osefo about her multiple degrees.  For some reason, Karen clearly does not like Wendy and is not going to let her off easy.  When she did her impression of Wendy walking down the stairs, you could tell that was rooted in mocking Wendy, and not a lighthearted jab.  To be fair, though, watching all of the ladies imitate Wendy’s slithering down the stairs was hilarious.

At one point, Wendy quipped that she was not one to brag about her degrees.  Cue flashbacks from production where Wendy bragged about her degrees…a lot.  Karen doesn’t care who you are.  If she wants to read you up and down twice, she’s going to do it.  While Ashley is a relatable housewife, Karen is a top-notch-shade-throwing-housewife.  A gift!

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It definitely seems that the Karen vs. Wendy drama is only heating up as we prepare for the trip to Portugal.  Ashley’s going to keep working on herself with therapy, but Karen is surely going to keep dragging Wendy for all of her degrees.  And to be fair, we look forward to watching it.

The Real Housewives of Potomac & Ashley Darby will be back next Sunday at 9 PM.