Real Housewives of Atlanta: NeNe Leakes playing the victim is getting old

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, NeNe Leakes, Gregg Leakes (Photo by: Annette Brown/Bravo)
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, NeNe Leakes, Gregg Leakes (Photo by: Annette Brown/Bravo) /

NeNe Leakes never takes responsibility for anything and perhaps if she did, she wouldn’t be departing from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

By now, everyone knows that NeNe Leakes is not returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  NeNe tried to control the narrative by making the announcement on her YouTube channel, even though everyone saw it coming.  Now, NeNe is going on The Tamron Hall Show to further try to elicit sympathy from the masses.

Unfortunately, nothing NeNe says is going to change anything at this point.  NeNe was one of the most hilarious and well-liked housewives when she first joined the cast, but that was quickly surpassed by her ego.  She’s been claiming that RHOA won’t survive without her and wouldn’t have been the phenomenon that it was without her, but her negativity has been too much to deal with for a while.

NeNe is forever the victim, no matter what situation she’s in.  Not once has she ever taken responsibility for her actions and how they impacted her life.  Just yesterday, NeNe posted on Instagram that she was “smiling thru the pain.”  But why is she in pain if this was all her idea anyway?  Not to mention she’s been in that hotel lobby for days now, with her phone on a stand perched on top of an ashtray.  Tragic.

But none of this is Bravo’s fault, it isn’t Andy Cohen’s fault or Kenya Moore’s fault, it is entirely her own fault.  The fame went to her head and she became a monster, and not the kind of monster you enjoy watching on television.  Last season, the only reason she had any face time on the show at all was because she made up a rumor that Cynthia Bailey was talking about her and she had a recording of it.  There was no recording, but it gave her a reason to film some scenes.

Otherwise, there was no reason for her to be on the show.  She doesn’t get along with the women, she doesn’t have anything interesting going on, and she isn’t fun to watch anymore.

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The rumors about her suing Bravo are unsubstantiated at this time, but it would almost be embarrassing if she went through with it.  Take the Teddie Mellencamp Arroyave route and bow out gracefully while you still can.  We’re begging you!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta will be back on Bravo later this year.