RHOP: We have just four questions for Mrs. Ashley Darby

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Karen Huger

Karen Huger and Ashley Boalch Darby (Photo by Brian Stukes/Getty Images)

It’s really a funny or awkward place for her to be in, as she and Ashley just got to a place where they are seemingly mending their relationship. What does she do?

Like good production would have it, we just have to keep watching to find out. With that thought, here are four questions we have for Ashley.

Are you aware of your husband’s preference and just not telling us?

At this point, she has to be aware. While you hate to call her a prop or a beard (the lady counterpart of a “closeted” man used as a diversion from who he truly his), she’s either that, extremely naive or in on the whole thing.

With as dense as the situation and his behavior appears to be, she has to know right? That is the first question.

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Why? As in why are you denying it or why are you in denial?

Her domestic situation doesn’t matter to us, however, what she’s telling us all out of her own mouth does.  There are either two ways that this scenario could or has gone down.

Either she knows fully and continues to deny it all or she knows, doesn’t want to accept it, and thus lives in denial. Those are about the only two ways I can see it.

Either way, the question of “why” is in play here. We deserve answers, either way it goes.

Was it important to her marriage or not?

Look, this is a bit much, even for me. However, it’s apart of the narrative so we must touch on it, for lack of better terms.

When Karen asked if her “booty hole was important to her marriage”, there was a bit of hesitation there. With the assumptions, accusations, and prior knowledge we have, she would have been a fool to say yes.

First of all, I guess I can understand her original logic from her first mention of the subject but knowing her husband like we think we do, she had to have known it would lead to further questions.

Here’s a theory. Even if it does play a part in her marriage (sex people, we are talking about sex and I think it does play a part, for full disclosure), she wouldn’t say so because that gives the rest of the crew ammo.

Ammo for you know what. Yep, that’s it.

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