RHONJ: Son of federal judge that sentenced Teresa Giudice killed last night

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY Teresa Giudice (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY Teresa Giudice (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo) /

Judge Esther Salas presided over Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice’s cases back in 2014, but her own family was the target of an attack last night.

The federal judge that presided over Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice’s tax evasion case has found themselves in a tragic story of their own.  Late last night, U.S. District Judge Esther Salas was not home at the time of the incident.  Her son, Daniel Anderl, opened the door to someone dressed in a FedEx uniform and was immediately shot in the heart.  Salas’ husband, Mark Anderl, was also shot but was rushed to the hospital.  Mark remains in critical condition, according to The Washington Post.

Salas is currently working on cases involving the Grape Street Crips in addition to a case involving Deutsche Bank and their own high-profile client, Jeffrey Epstein.  The case involving Epstein was given to Salas only four days earlier.  It was said that she has received threats before, but nothing concrete and nothing of this magnitude.  Salas herself was said to be in the basement at the time and was not injured in the attack.

During her time in the courtroom with The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars, Salas said she was disappointed that the couple failed to mention many high ticket items on their financial disclosure forms.  Before sentencing him, she noted, “I’m giving you credit for the life that you have lived, at least to the people you have loved,” according to NewJersey.com.  She then sentenced Joe to 41 months in prison and Teresa to 15.

Judge Salas was New Jersey’s first Hispanic U.S. district judge and was recommended by Barack Obama during his presidency.  The suspect in the shooting remains at large as of Monday morning.  The FBI Newark office asked anyone that might have information about the event to call their local office at 973-792-3001.

Earlier in July, ex-RHONJ star, Dina Manzo, also found herself wrapped up in some suspicious crimes.   Her ex-husband, Thomas Manzo, was accused of hiring someone to assault her boyfriend at the time in a parking lot.

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The individual hired had links to the Lucchese crime family and exchanged the assault for a lavish wedding at a venue owned by Manzo,  Something sure is in the water in New Jersey.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey will be back later this year.