RHONY: Could Dorinda Medley be any less fun to watch?

Dorinda Medley (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)
Dorinda Medley (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images) /

The RHONY ladies are doing their best to understand Dorinda Medley and what she is going through, but where do they draw the line?

As this season of The Real Housewives of New York progresses, so does Dorinda Medley’s spiral into darkness.  In this week’s episode, Dorinda showed off the progress of Blue Stone Manor and has the ladies over for their annual messy trip to the Berkshires.  Unfortunately, Dorinda seems to be flying higher and dipping lower than ever before.

Obviously, this group knows how to drink.  Or perhaps the problem is that they do not know how to drink and that’s why they end up in these situations.  Either way, they are 10 bottles of rosé deep by the time dinner rolled around and Dorinda was in bad shape.

Dressed in a rainbow sequin gown with oversized sleeves, complete with black Uggs, Dorinda wasn’t pleased with Luann de Lesseps and her Cabaret nonsense.  It came out that Luann only paid Sonja Morgan $250 to assist in her cabaret show and the other women took issue with that.  Luann clearly thinks she is above paying her friends due to her star quality.

“It’s about me.  It’s called Countess & Friends.  I have a professional show,” she told to Dorinda’s housekeeper, Len, who did not care at all.  After that, Dorinda sat down and slurped on some noodles before Luann left the house in tears with Leah McSweeney.  All of this occurred before the first commercial break.

Ramona Singer compared Dorinda to a fire-breathing dragon, and she wasn’t wrong.  Anyone in her path gets charred to a crisp and is soon forgotten.  But by the start of the next day, neither woman had any idea what they were arguing about.   This is certainly becoming a thing for Dorinda, and it isn’t a good look.  At what point are we going to figure out what the issue is and fix it?

Ramona made another point that Dorinda used to get super drunk, super-fast, and be super angry for a minute before she got bored and moved on.  But now, Dorinda gets super drunk, super-fast, and stays angry for an hour or two, taking down anyone in her path.  “Dorinda doesn’t even understand her behavior, so it doesn’t even make sense to fight the battle with her,” Ramona said in an interview.

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“We’re all one drink away from a mugshot in this group,” is kind of a sad, but appropriate slogan for this group of women.  At what point does the group draw the line for Dorinda?  Or is that not even an option yet?

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