Vanderpump Rules: Kristen Doute has apparently learned nothing

VANDERPUMP RULES, Kristen Doute (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)
VANDERPUMP RULES, Kristen Doute (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo) /

Instead of staying quiet and letting the drama pass, Kristen Doute is back on twitter and making all kinds of interesting declarations.

Kristen Doute sent out a tweet this week letting fans (and followers that are not fans) know that she knows she has been immature and “caddy” at times, but she isn’t a hateful person.  Since being fired from Vanderpump Rules, Kristen and Stassi Schroeder have been fairly quiet except for their coordinated social media posts.  Kristen has posted a few times on twitter, once about the benefits of medical marijuana, motivational quotes, and even that people think that she doesn’t have the right to speak out about anything.

Unfortunately, this is not really the content people wanted from Kristen.  Not that Kristen owes anyone content, but it feels like she hasn’t learned anything from the situation.  Where is her disaster PR firm as she’s tweeting away about kindness, given what she did to Faith Stowers?  What about Ariana Madix?

Kristen also has been sharing Instagram posts about how “Cancel culture is unproductive and not action-oriented.”  That sounds fairly tone-deaf given the reason she was “canceled” in the first place.

Instead of taking the time to learn from her mistakes, Kristen seems to be pushing back on people that are pushing back on her ignorance.  It seems that she is taking the route of being a victim instead of putting effort into bettering herself.

Though we don’t know what Bravo has planned with the fired SUR staff, it is likely they won’t be back on our screens anytime soon – at least on their original home channel.  They caused too much controversy in a bad way that left Bravo without much choice.  And though it took a few years, viewers are happy to see some justice to those maligned by people like Stassi and Kristen.

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So to recap: Kristen got fired for her racist actions, seems to have learned nothing, requests kindness from Twitter users when she has never practiced kindness towards others.  Did I miss anything?

Vanderpump Rules is on Bravo….for reruns.