RHOA: Three people we could do without next season

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, Tanya Sam, Porsha Williams (Photo by: Steve Dietl/Bravo)
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, Tanya Sam, Porsha Williams (Photo by: Steve Dietl/Bravo) /

RHOA casting decisions are being made this week and letters are being sent out – who would you cut from season thirteen if given the chance?

First things first, The Real Housewives of Atlanta are always a breath of fresh air.  They are hilarious, fashionable, and really know how to spill the tea when necessary.  With RHOA season thirteen casting letters going out this week, let’s go over who we could lose and not actually lose anything.

When Nene Leakes first hit the scene, she was the funniest person on television.  Her gifs and one-liners will follow her around forever, and we love that for her.  But she fell – hard.  When her head got too big and she decided she wanted to be a serious actress out in California, it all fell apart.  When Nene left RHOA and returned, it was like an alien took over.  She was rude, not funny, bored, and seemed to resent that she was back on the same show she left in the dust just a year earlier.  Anyway, we can do without her.

Next up: Cynthia Bailey.  Cynthia has found her prince charming (hopefully) in Mike Hill.  But Mike lives in California, and her daughter, Noelle Robinson, is also in California.  She has a girlfriend out there and Cynthia has been spending more time away from Lake Bailey and in the California sunshine.

The whole family was even doing tiktoks while quarantined together out there.  It doesn’t seem like there’s much left in Atlanta for Cynthia when her whole family is on the other coast.  We’ll be sad to see her go (if she goes) but happy to watch her leave.

Kenya Moore and her pretend marriage storyline can leave, too.  Kenya goes straight for the jugular but shares very little of what’s actually going on in her life.  She is better off as a friend who makes guest appearances because her energy is too dark.  Kenya also has a tendency to dish it out, but she can’t take it.

Eva Marcille would have made this list, too, but she already announced she was done with the show.  Eva and her appetite always made us laugh, but she will be moving on to greater things, such as being a mom.

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If more ladies get cut, who would you like to see return?  It has been rumored that some of the friends from last season might be full-time for season thirteen, but does that mean Nene will stick around to defend herself?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta will be back next year.