Real Housewives of New York: Sometimes you just have to throw a ravioli

The Real Housewives of New York continued their luxury Rhode Island vacation last night by throwing truffle ravioli across the table.

If there’s one thing housewives are not good at, it is bringing new people into the group.  The Real Housewives of New York are particularly bad at bringing new people into the group.  When Leah McSweeney decided to invite her sister, Sarah McSweeney, sort of last minute to their Newport trip….it was bound to end poorly.

By the time dinner rolled around, Dorinda Medley was absolutely smashed.  Luann de Lesseps wasn’t, but Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan were in between.  Ramona happens to be the queen of exclusivity.  She never warms up to new people and is downright rude half of the time.  Tinsley Mortimer reserved a large table for the group to sit at, but the group was divided.

Ramona, Sonja, and Luann wanted to flirt and drink.  Tinsley, Leah, Sarah, and Elyse wanted to eat.  Ramona is, by far, one of the funniest people to watch flirt.  She’s very touchy-feely and throws herself at any younger guy in her path – but lest we forget she loathes any younger woman who might get in her way.

Tinsley did her best to get the ladies to sit down and they flat out refused.  Ramona didn’t even look Tinsley in the eyes.  Eventually, Leah and Sarah got up and went to the bar.  They immediately offended the single guy at the bar and he got up to leave.  Meanwhile, Dorinda is talking about eating people over another martini.

Once they chased away the cougar’s dinner, Ramona and Sonja had no choice but to sit down.  It went downhill so quickly that they may have catapulted off a cliff.  “Why are you talking to us?”  Sonja shouted.  Ramona started sobbing and said Sarah was guilty by association.  Then she tried to suffocate herself with fake corn cobs.  Sonja covered her ears with gourds and shouted that it was the worst dinner party she’s even been to.  Then Leah tossed a truffle ravioli at Ramona and Sonja and left in a huff.  Leah and Tinsley quickly fell into a bush after leaving.

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Leah apologized for her behavior at the tea party next time she saw the ladies and Ramona accepted the apology.  For the record, there were no martinis there – only scones and tea.

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