Real Housewives of New York: Hurricane Leah destroyed everything in her path

Leah McSweeney (Photo by: Sophy Holland/Bravo)
Leah McSweeney (Photo by: Sophy Holland/Bravo) /

The Real Housewives of New York City were visited by a force of nature this week as Hurricane Leah battered Newport and lost a shoe at dinner.

The Real Housewives of New York City got a little crazy last night.  Leah McSweeney was the star of last night’s episode in the same way Godzilla was a star in the city of Tokyo.  She terrorized everyone and everything near the hotel, and she did so with only one shoe on.  Leah stated at the beginning of the episode she was not in a good place because of an issue with her love interest, Pita Chip.

So when the crew headed to Newport, Rhode Island, for a fancy getaway – Leah was not in the right headspace.  Leah asked if she could invite her sister for dinner, which Ramona Singer agreed to.  Ramona then rescinded her invitation and re-invited Leah’s sister three times.  By then, the wine had started flowing and it was too late.  Godzilla was awake and itching to stomp on a building or two.

Leah has mentioned that she was sober for nine years and started drinking again just six months before joining RHONY.  She also mentioned that her mom wasn’t speaking to her when she found out Leah had started drinking again.  Based on the behavior last night…we can see why.  Leah certainly has some characteristics that would make one think she processes alcohol differently than other people.

By the time they sat down to dinner, Leah was screaming and had lost a shoe.  She didn’t want any dinner but did want two extra shots added to her vodka drink.  Tinsley Mortimer did her best to stand up for Leah, but Leah said she was feeling suffocated.  Leah’s sister was sort of a security blanket for her when she was feeling insecure, and Ramona’s response to her request set her off.

Leah was kicking the cameraman with a shoeless foot while screaming about a yacht as she laid on the lush, green, Newport grass.  She then attempted to remove the floral decorations from the table while dinner was delivered.  “I’m having mine de-shelled.  I can’t deal with the shells,” Luann de Lesseps said about her lobster while Leah was swinging from the curtains.  Soon after, she picked up a chair and was about to lob it across the lawn when she started sobbing.

But by the next day, Leah was fine and ready to move on from her antics the night before.  The rest of the ladies?  Not so much.  But the eternal hanger-oner, Elyse Slaine, was not about to gloss over Leah’s meltdown.  Elyse asked if she was hungover and said, “Do you wonder why the guys think you are a crazy chick?”

Elyse crossed the line when she started asking about Leah’s 12-year-old daughter and how she would feel if her daughter acted like her the night before.  Who is Elyse to ask such a question?  Talk about crossing the line.

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To be fair, all Leah has seen from the other women so far is drunken nonsense.  Dorinda Medley at the winery, Sonja Morgan at the mansion, it’s not like the rest of the group is sober.  You know when the episode ends with “to be continued” that we’re in for another wild episode next week.

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