RHOC: Jim Edmonds tested positive but has his new girlfriend with him

Former RHOC husband, Jim Edmonds, has been posting about his positive test results for the coronavirus, he has also moved a new girlfriend in.

Jim Edmonds tested positive for the coronavirus pretty early on and has been talking about it on social media endlessly.  He said he sent the kids to quarantine with Meghan King Edmonds to be safe and has been staying in the mansion they built together, alone.  But now Jim has thrown caution to the wind!  According to Us Weekly, Jim confirmed that he was dating Kortnie O’Connor and that she was staying with him.

And before you ask, “Is that the girl Meghan said they had a threesome with that was her friend?”  Yes, indeed, that was her friend they had the threesome with.  Jim denied that he was dating Kortnie and also denied that Kortnie was Meghan’s friend not that long ago.  Jim and Kortnie also went to a wedding together in Mexico back in January.

While Meghan has the kids, she’s been busy doing passive-aggressive TokToks about Jim.  Fans have been slightly worried about her drinking while she’s been in quarantine, but it isn’t clear if she’s been drinking, or just pretending to for the videos.

The kids appear healthy and happy in her posts, celebrating Easter together and even had a socially-distant visit form some cousins.  Meanwhile, Jim is posting stories of himself and Kortnie working out.

Thus far, Jim has cheated, and been caught cheating, on all four of his wives.  It is unclear what Kortnie sees in Jim, but she’s certainly setting herself up for failure if she thinks she is any different.

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Someone should send her clips of Meghan’s time on The Real Housewives of Orange County.  Then again, she was Meghan’s friend at the time so maybe she has already seen it.  Only time will tell!

For more information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website or the website for your state’s Department of Health.

The Real Housewives of Orange County will be back later this year. 

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