RHONY: What does Tinsley Mortimer keep in her hotel room refrigerator?

What does someone like Tinsley Mortimer keep in her hotel-room-turned-apartment refrigerator?  Not a lot, as you can imagine.

While Dorinda Medley would highly disapprove of everything Tinsley Mortimer does in her home, she would certainly take issue with Tinsley’s fridge.  Tinsley gave Bravo a tour before she moved to Chicago to be with Scott Kluth, and the contents are what you would expect.  I imagine Tinsley spends most of her time ordering out and eating room service since she lived in a hotel, so I’m not positive by her fridge was the chosen RHONY fridge for an interview.

Tinsley says she feeds her dogs chicken from PostMates, which just looks like regular chicken from any take out place that I would eat from.  Strawberry and Shortcake have very high standards when it comes to takeout.  She also has some human-grade dog food by The Farmer’s Dog that they can potentially share!

Tinsley also has champagne (Moet!) and an open bag of Goldfish.  She says she can’t get enough of the baked cheddar cheese snack which she eats while she drinks wine.  They appear to be the pizza flavor which is alarming.  Tins has about half a glass of red wine left in a bottle in her fridge next to an almost empty glass jar of Prego mushroom red sauce.

There’s an old squeeze package of “white sauce” which she says she puts on the cold goldfish.  She’s got some hard-boiled eggs from 7-11 next to a box that once contained fancy caviar.  The box no longer contains fancy caviar…”I just wanted to remember the moment I was eating it, so I saved the box.”

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Stay tuned next week for “What does Tinsley keep in her hall closet?”  We can barely wait to find out!

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