Real Housewives of Orange County: Is Shannon Beador the manipulative one here?

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: (l-r) Shannon Beador, Vicki Gunvalson, Emily Simpson -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/Bravo)
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: (l-r) Shannon Beador, Vicki Gunvalson, Emily Simpson -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/Bravo) /

The most recent Real Housewives of Orange County episode was another interesting look at Tamra’s interactions with the cast.

After last week’s episode where the current cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County collectively came to the conclusion that Tamra Judge is a snake, last night was more of the same.  Kelly Dodd is still on the defensive about all of the rumors Tamra was spreading around – and then blaming it on everyone else.  But now Tamra is blaming Shannon Storms Beador for all of the issues, can that be?

Everyone gets a turn

For whatever reason, Gina Kirschenheiter met up with Tamra to spill the beans about her martini-clad luncheon with Shannon.  Tamra, obviously, comes to the conclusion Shannon is behind all of the drama.   Then, Tamra and Shannon have their own one-on-one meeting.

The best part of the meeting was the flashbacks.  For each statement Shannon made and Tamra denied, the producers flashed back to the scene when Tamra said exactly what Shannon was claiming.  You can watch more flashbacks on Tamra even went so far as to call Shannon a “puppetmaster” and “manipulative.”  I mean, if that isn’t projection, I don’t know what is.

And then, Ryan went to therapy

I’ve never had much of an opinion on Tamra’s husband, Eddie Judge, but I did not appreciate his opinions on therapy.  “When you are struggling with your childhood issues as a man…you’re not really a man.”  He went on to say Ryan should just get over it and move on.  What an incredibly toxic way of thinking.

The fact that these three events are happening in the same episode should be some sort of indication that perhaps Tamra is at the heart of all of these issues.  The common denominator here is, yet again, Tamra.

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For Tamra to outright blame all of the cast issues on Shannon is just silly.  We are all watching the same show.  There can only be one puppet master on the cast, and that puppet is Tamra.  But do the viewers, producers, and cast members feel the same way?

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