Below Deck: The proposal and sous vide heard around the galley

BELOW DECK -- Pictured: Josiah Carter -- (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)
BELOW DECK -- Pictured: Josiah Carter -- (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo) /

After a lovely and romantic first charter, the Below Deck crew is off to celebrate…and make some poor decisions, such as hooking up with their boss.

Below Deck started us off with a bang last week, and Kate Chastain didn’t take it easy on her interior crew, or Chef Kevin.  Chef Kevin didn’t take it easy on his stomach for the first charter.  While the charter guests are busy enjoying themselves. Kevin is busy being sick.  And Bravo assumed we wanted all of the audio of that (we didn’t).

The proposal

The crew set up a nice, romantic dinner for two for the primary charter guest and his then-girlfriend.  Kevin used the sous vide machine to cook them some steak and lobster, but the sous vide machine beeped for hours.  I’ve used a sous vide machine before and it didn’t beep for hours, but you know, I’m no chef (just a cook).

As he went to actually pop the question, Kate walked up to clear their plates.  In the most awkward silence ever, all you hear is some glassware and plates banging together in her hands as she walked downstairs.  The romance!  Once the primary charter guests actually asked his lovely lady to marry him, Kate announced it over the walkie talkie.  After all of the hubbub, it actually went pretty well.

And then they celebrate

The Below Deck crew, not the newly engaged couple.  It was time for a night on the town as they celebrated the completion of their first charter.   Courtney was sitting in the booth not enjoying herself, while Abbi was very busy flirting with her boss, Ashton.  Ashton even told her he loved her (LOL).  Then they slumbered together on the deck of the boat and woke up to the Tahitian sun with a hangover, both from the alcohol and the shame.

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The next charter guests are set to arrive, and you’ve definitely seen them before.  Will the primary charter guest’s wife be as into Chef Kevin as she was Chef Adrian? We can only hope.  The one guest is so wasted she had to lay down before they even completed the boat tour…Fun!

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