RHOP: Reunion Show appearance leaves me more leery of Michael Darby

After a few days to let the RHOP reunion marinate and to decompress on the situation, a conclusion has been derived. Michael Darby seems guiltier than ever.

It is officially a wrap on the latest season of RHOP, or The Real Housewives of Potomac. As with the end of most seasons of reality shows, especially sequence and documentary forms such as this one, it is customary to have a reunion special to discuss, debrief, or simply deliberate on occurrences and instances that took place throughout the season.

While there were many possible topics or angles to take a look at from this past season of RHOP, the one on the top of everyone’s brain was the Michael Darby scenario, as it had been for much of the actual season.

In case you missed it, which would be abnormally hard to do, Darby has been the subject of quite a few accusations during his time as a member of the RHOP cast. He is said to be a serial “grabber” or “inappropriate toucher”, at least based on the numerous accusation and more recently criminal charges filed against him.

While those charges were “dropped” against Darby

The fact still remains that people are convinced he has a secret and an issue with touching people who he has no right to touch. While the secret revolves around his sexuality, which we don’t have an issue with one way or another, it seems to manifest itself in the most inopportune times in the form of grabbing the posteriors of other men or in pretty wild aspirations or declarations.

One of those “pretty wild aspirations” we speak of is an instance where Robyn Dixon and others are pretty sure that they heard something that shocked them. According to Dixon and a few of the other cast members, but mostly Dixon who appears steadfast and concrete about what it is she heard, swears that she heard Michael say that he “would suck” somebody’s private part. While we all assumed, it was somewhat revealed during the reunion that this person in question was none other than Robyn’s mate, Juan Dixon.

On top of that revelation

There were many more. Gizelle Bryant recounted a scene from a previous season where she saw Micahel feel a man up on the dance floor. Multiple cast members recalled a previous incident from a past season where Darby was accused of groping or feeling up another producer. Ray Huger, the husband of Karen Huger, even went as far as to bring up a question from a past reunion that asked what he would do if Michael wanted to or touched his butt.

In harkening back to that moment, Ray Huger also recalled seeing Michael Darby touch another man’s posterior, a butt that just so happened to belong to the host in Andy Cohen. Candiace Dillard’s husband, Chris Bassett, also chimed in with his two cents on multiple aspects of the issue by saying that not only did he hear the “suck” someones privates comment, but that he was also called on as a potential witness as apart of the legal situation Michael found himself in as a result of his unsolicited touching.

All in all, this didn’t do much to help Michael’s case

He was entirely too defensive and redfaced throughout the entirety of his time appearing and the conversations. When presented with a scenario, evidence, accusation, or instance, Darby immediately went on the defensive, oftentimes not attacking the accusation head-on but by attacking the person bringing the accusation or instance to light.

It seems as though the only reason he chose to appear on the reunion was so that people wouldn’t look at him not appearing as a sign of guilt. After seeing him on the show though, it may have been in his best interest to stay away, because his appearance did more harm than it did to clear his name or make you feel any less inclined to believe he is guilty of what he has been accused of.

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The season may have ended, but being that these are real-life charges and situations we were talking here, the headlines will go on. We will keep our eyes out for any developments or bombshells that hit the papers in the coming months until the show returns. It is a long offseason so to speak, but until then, we will be watching and we can’t wait to see what happens next!

The Real Housewives of Potomac will be back on Bravo next year.