Below Deck Mediterranean: Well, Sandy still isn’t happy…or is she?

BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN -- Pictured: Aesha Scott -- (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)
BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN -- Pictured: Aesha Scott -- (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo) /

This season of Below Deck Mediterranean is coming to a close, and the seas are not participating in making the last charter an easy one. Buckle up!

As this season of Below Deck Mediterranean comes to a close, the seas are high and so is Joao’s fever. Captain Sandy is highly involved with her crew, and in comparison to other captains, such as Captain Lee, she’s much more involved in the drama.  Sandy seems to range between very easily impressed (last night’s tables, anyone?) to completely impossible to please (people sleeping in normal hours?).  Either way, it definitely seems like Sandy favors the deck crew over the interior.

The deck crew, Chef Ben, and Sandy seem to be in disagreement with how much sleep the interior stews are getting.  As far as I can tell, the stews getting eight hours of sleep is regulated by maritime law.  Marine Insight defines hours of rest as, “A minimum of ten hours in any 24 hour period,” so this includes eight hours of sleep and two hours of breaks between the day.  If that’s the law, why is everyone so mad about it?

Tensions are high, much like the seas

With that said, and Joao down, Travis is forced to step into the bosun position while Joao is quarantined.  Chef Ben calls Anastasia the “less important one,” while still asking her where every item is the galley is located.

Sandy tells Hannah to have the guys keep an eye on the guests, which she says she did.  Colin walks up and says he was keeping an eye on them anyway, and Sandy says they are both lying…Sandy what can they do to make you happy!

The sun is shining!

The next morning, Sandy wakes up on the right side of the bed and is thrilled by the weather!  Life is good and Sandy is happy!  Hannah hired some dancers to complete the theme for dinner that night and Sandy was thrilled!  Until the next morning….

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Sandy is upset the interior crew isn’t awake and that the table isn’t set.  Sandy is just obsessed with the Party City decor littering the table so she wakes the entire crew up because she’s “pissed.”  What will she be mad about next week?

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