Vanderpump Rules, Then and Now: Jax Taylor

Vanderpump Rules, the beloved series from Bravo, based upon RHOBH’s OG, Lisa Vanderpump and her restaurant SUR, has been airing since 2013. Yes, 2013.

Six years of Vanderpump Rules and boy, a lot of things have changed, or has it? We’ve witnessed various relationships blossom and fall apart, marriage, divorce, firings, hirings, death, lots of ugly crying and drama, drama, drama.

Today, we’ll take a look back at Jax Taylor and how he has grown, or not, throughout the years. We learned his real name isn’t Jax, but in fact, Jason Cauchi. He was a model/bartender who some felt made choices that were controversial. And that situation hasn’t changed.

Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor

We originally met Jax Taylor, the strong jawed, confident and built hottie as the star behind the bar at SUR. He was dating the love of his life at the time, Stassi Schroeder, while participating in some extra-curricular activities in Vegas.

Even Stassi’s friends were team Jax. Turns out Vegas would actually be lucky for Jax as that’s where he met the true love of his life, Brittany Cartwright.

We’d like to think Jax has matured over the years and we’ve had small glimpses of his ripening, like when he admitted right away to cheating on Brittany, instead of taking a whole season to admit it, like he did with Stassi. He isn’t stirring the pot as much as he used to and his rumor spreading habits have certainly died down quite a bit, however, just when you think Jax is a changed man, he opens his mouth and we realize nothing much has changed at all.

Did you see the previews for next week’s episode? Definitely some cringeworthy moments from Mr. Taylor.  “I’m always going to be number one,” says Jax to Mr. Cartwright, Brittany’s dad. Um…really?

We love Vanderpump Rules Brittany

Oh Brittany. How we love you. You have the heart and patience of a saint and see the good in everyone. It seemed someone was finally able to change Jax but can we really be sure? The wedding is coming soon to a television near you soon so it’s happening and we can’t wait to watch. Isn’t her dress beyond?

We saw Jax grieve from the death of his father, which really seemed to create a shift in his thinking. We just hope he can continue to shift and know how lucky he is to still have Brittany by his side, after everything he’s put her through.

From ripping his sweater off in the parking lot, to sleeping with his girlfriend’s best friend who was dating his best friend, and a bizarre relationship with his therapist who called him Jason, Jax has certainly provided us with hours of entertainment. While he has certainly calmed down, we haven’t seen the last of the real Jax Taylor. Next week’s episode with Brittany’s family is sure to be a winner.

It’s not easy growing up in front of millions of viewers, although we met Jax in his early 30’s, unlike the other cast of characters who were ten years his junior. Maybe he was a late bloomer? While he still has quite the path ahead of him to prove his maturity, let’s give him a break and wish him and Brittany the best. She deserves it. I mean, they deserve it.

In all fairness, Jax has come a long way and we’ve enjoyed watching him for the past six years. No matter how many times he screws up, it’s impossible not to love him. Who knows what the future holds for Jax, but we can’t wait to tune in. Will Jax become a dad? Between Brittany and Jax, there is no doubt their kids will be gorgeous. Perhaps future SUR employees?