Vanderpump Rules: Katie Maloney faces more fat-shaming and bullying

Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney has faced fat-shaming and bullying ever since James Kennedy, so does her husband Tom Schwartz have any advice?

Vanderpump Rules represents a risk taken by Bravo.

From the way that the TV network introduced the show, coming straight after another with no lead-up or bridge, to the ordinary-folks-seemingly-unaware-that-cameras-were-watching cast, Vanderpump Rules showed that the network was willing to take a chance on a group of complete unknowns except for Lisa Vanderpump.

It worked.

The cast became real stars on their own. But in some cases, such as Katie Maloney, the “real” part of the show has included bullying.

Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney bullied on show

As Radar Online pointed out, the fat-shaming and bullying began when co-star James Kennedy slammed Katie as “fat” while the cameras were filming Vanderpump Rules.

Maloney, in our opinion, looked adorable in those short shorts that caused James to be so cruel. And no one, regardless of his or her appearance, deserves bullying such as fat-shaming.

When Katie told Lisa Vanderpump, the owner of the restaurant agreed, firing Kennedy.

But James’ departure hasn’t stopped the bullying and fat-shaming.

How does Katie’s husband Tom Schwartz react?

An insider told the media outlet that Tom is telling his wife to try to ignore the bullying. But that advice from Schwartz doesn’t seem to be helping the Vanderpump Rules star.

“Katie is struggling really badly with weight and fat shaming comments,” added the insider.

Even though Tom infamously called her a “sh*tty wife for seven years” on the reality TV show, he really is supportive, according to the source.

“Tom is trying to help her with the struggle and he’s defending her and trying to tell her to just ignore it,” said the insider.

However, Katie can’t act oblivious to the cruel comments, added the source.

Vanderpump Rules Katie continues to struggle

When viewers saw that Maloney had caused James to be fired, some audience members criticized Katie, claiming that she should have handled the bullying between her and Kennedy rather than involve Lisa.

“She’s been attacked heavily on social media lately and has been trying to handle it but it’s really hard for her,” noted the insider.

And it doesn’t help that her relationship with her husband seems to be in trouble. When Katie asked Tom to be with her more after his restaurant opened, the two fought.

“I know Tom has to work the room and schmooze and be one of the Toms but I would really like to be hanging out with him too and sharing all of this with him,” said Katie during Vanderpump Rules recently.

What do you think about the struggle that Katie is experiencing? Is there hope for her marriage? Share your views below.