Porsha Williams Instagrams cute 13-day-old baby: RHOA star gets own special show

Porsha Williams shares the cutest photo of her 13-day-old baby on Instagram. The RHOA star is so proud of her “mommying” skills that she’s got a show!

Real Housewives Of Atlanta (RHOA) star Porsha Williams is so proud of becoming a mother.

Williams turned to Instagram to share an adorable look at her baby, who isn’t even two weeks old. Awww!

RHOA star Porsha Williams loves ‘mommying’

Porsha introduced her Real Housewives of Atlanta fans to her tiny daughter, PJ  (Pilar Jhena).

That grin on Williams’ face makes it clear that she’s so happy about becoming a parent. We can’t see much of PJ, because she’s nestling next to her mom.

But we did notice that the baby has an impressive flock of hair. And how cute is that little onesie?

In her caption, Porsha announced that she’s “just mommying.”

And the hashtags give all the details, from the baby’s age (13-days-old) to the Instagram account for PJ (yup, she’s already a tiny social media star).

But what we’re excited about is Porsha’s upcoming show.

Porsha Williams gets her own Bravo special show

Set to debut April 28 on Bravo, Porsha will star in her own special show, Porsha’s Having A Baby, according to Hollywood Life.

Williams has been careful about showing photos of the baby and herself. Fans haven’t even caught a glimpse of PJ’s little face yet, and it’s thought that is because Porsha wants to save the first look for her Bravo special.

As for what exactly will be shown in Williams special, we’re looking forward to glimpses of Porsha as a mom-to-be as well as her excitement in welcoming her baby girl to the world.

It’s an intriguing contrast to reality TV shows such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK). Although KUWTK is also an ensemble show like the Real Housewives, the Kardashians have a history of making pregnancies and births part of their regular episodes.

Will Williams’ special spark a new tradition for the Real Housewives of getting specials any time that a star is pregnant? What do you think? Share your comments below.