5 Reasons we loved Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 9

Is it me or has The Real Housewives of New Jersey been AWESOME this season!

Say it with me New Jersey style: “AWWWWWsome”.

1. Blood is thicker than water, but it’s not as hydrating

Over the years, the blood has thinned out when it came to each season’s Real Housewives of New Jersey cast line-up. Phew! If I wanted to watch a family fight for an hour each week, I would move back to New York to be with mine. Just kidding…sort of.

The show needed some new blood and the new blood was out for blood. Loved it. Does that make me a bad person? Don’t answer that.

2. What a cast of characters

Season 9’s new lineup was amazeballs! (Am I allowed to say that?). As Jackie Goldschneider put it, “There’s a new Jewish chick in town”. Not only have I been told I resemble and talk like her, we apparently have the same mannerisms and we are both writers who have focused on parenting.

Hey, I’m also a Jewish chick from up north, so love me some Jackie. Jennifer Aydin, or the Turkish Tequila Ticking Time-Bomb, as I like to call her, added a lot of flavor to the show and who doesn’t love “Monkey A**hole Lips”. Thanks Margaret Josephs. You are one of my faves!

3. You go Gorga

How proud of Melissa Gorga were you this season? She stuck to her guns multiple times when she didn’t agree with Teresa Guidice’s behavior.

It was refreshing to see Melissa’s confidence overpower Teresa’s loyalty program, which by the way, I have yet to receive my card for. Now the frozen yogurt place down the street…they know where my loyalty lies.

4. Teresa’s body. Enough said.

The woman is in her late 40’s, is raising four kids on her own while her husband is “away”, has an elderly father she looks after and still had time to actually think about what she ate and completely sculpt her body. Are you kidding me? Those arms? Mad props Tre!

I can barely get my kids to the bus stop in time, let alone have enough willpower not to eat the egg and cheese they begged me to make and then barely took a bite of. Totally off topic but did you know Danielle Staub is 56 years old?

5. Nothing beats a good old-school Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion

A great season means an even better reunion. Will Margaret wear her signature pigtails? What will the ladies, especially Teresa, have to say about her pushing Danielle’s hubby in the pool?

Margaret did confirm that Teresa “came in hot” at the reunion during her recent visit to the Bravo Clubhouse. Didn’t her skin look fabulous? Who looks younger now? She or Marge Sr.? Tonight is going to be AWWWWWsome for sure!

Now it’s time to hear why YOU loved Season 9 of Real Housewives of New Jersey, or perhaps you did not.
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