Real Housewives of Atlanta: 5 biggest takeaways from The Peaches of Tokyo

Credit: The Real Housewives of Atlanta/Bravo
Credit: The Real Housewives of Atlanta/Bravo /
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2. Greg’s cancer journey puts a strain on his and Nene’s marriage

Nene may be glue for her wig and her family, but if this episode was any indication the glue may losing its adhesiveness. For a few episodes now we’ve seen Nene appear to have hit her limit with how much she can take from Greg. She’s been dedicated since Day 1 of his cancer diagnosis, but even the most saintly of individuals can reach a breaking point. Clearly Greg has been through quite the ordeal and his life has been completely turned upside down, but Nene has been affected by all of it as well.

According to Nene she and Greg have a routine whenever someone travels with a specific thing to text each other, but Greg was not about it this time. Apparently he went off the rails on her when they spoke, and she cant take anymore. Nene and Greg have been through so much over the years on The Real Housewives of Atanta, and hopefully this is no more than a bump in the road. They’ve overcome so much to be torn apart now in a time where sticking together is the most important thing.

On The Peaches of Tokyo episode, Nene did not seem like her usual self. She seemed very distracted by the growing tension in her marriage, and that may have played a factor in her spat with Tanya. The issue that unfolded between Nene and Tanya was in regards to Tanya’s impending marriage, and perhaps the real life drama with Greg played into Nene’s heightened opinion on the matter. It’s highly possible that Nene was harboring issues about Tanya’s Swagg Boutique shade, but it seemed like there was more than met the eye.