Real Housewives of Atlanta: 5 biggest takeaways from The Peaches of Tokyo

Credit: The Real Housewives of Atlanta/Bravo
Credit: The Real Housewives of Atlanta/Bravo /
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1. Eva Marcille seems very forgetful about the shade she throws her at costars

So far this season we’ve seen model Eva shade both Shamari DeVoe (for her fashion), and veteran model Cynthia Bailey. Eva has been a delight for The Real Housewives of Atlanta but the one thing that keeps getting her in hot water is her inability to remember the shade she throws. She shaded Shamari about her sense of fashion on Cynthia’s pass the peach party, and seemingly pretended to have no clue what she did. The conversation was dropped soon after, but it painted a picture of what was to come with Eva.

Porsha had no problem throwing Eva under the bus regarding her shade against fellow model Cynthia Bailey. Eva said that Cynthia was the mother of walking the runway, but denied the allegations when Porsha exposed it to the group. There have been numerous moments where it appears that Eva is shading Cynthia for her age or veteran status in the industry, and this time she got caught. This isn’t the first time Eva’s been involved in a sticky situation with Cynthia. It was just last season when Eva first came into the group that she immediately exposed secrets about Cynthia’s then boyfriend Will.

Hopefully Eva will one day regain her memory about the shade she dishes to her fellow Peaches of Tokyo, and owns it.