Melissa Gorga posts photo of her and Joe: Viewers are hating on them

Melissa Gorga recently shared a photo of her and Joe, but fans were quick to share some hurtful and harsh comments about the couple.

Melissa Gorga has been keeping a low profile on social media over the past couple of months, as she is filming the newest season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. However, it sounds like viewers believe that she’s keeping a few secrets from fans. Melissa has revealed that she had been selling counterfeit Chanel bags at her store but stayed silent when people asked for refunds. Then, her husband Joe Gorga was accused of shoplifting from Home Depot. Then, they listed their house again with rumors that they were moving to California.

So when Melissa Gorga posted a photo of herself and her husband, fans immediately attacked her. Some of the Real Housewives of New Jersey fans revealed that she was fake and was hiding things from fans and the show, while one person attacked Joe Gorga’s look, saying he looked like a terrorist. It all seemed to be coming from a hurtful place, as people clearly feel tricked by Melissa.

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It’s possible that Joe and Melissa Gorga are thinking about moving to California. After Joe lost his mother last year and Teresa’s husband Joe Giudice will be released next year, they may not see a reason to stay behind in New Jersey.

Since they have been in the headlines over financial issues, some people don’t think that Melissa and her husband have the money to move to California. But the reality is that no one really knows how much money they have, including their personal assets in New Jersey.

What do you think of Melissa Gorga’s photo of her and her husband? Are you surprised that people are being so mean about everything?