Bethenny Frankel cheater brands – and it’s not Sonja Morgan this time!

PARAMUS, NJ - DECEMBER 03: Event Host Bethenny Frankel speaks at Cocktails
PARAMUS, NJ - DECEMBER 03: Event Host Bethenny Frankel speaks at Cocktails /

Bethenny Frankel has been dealing with cheater brands and her fans are always sharing some of them with her, including this one.

Bethenny Frankel has previously revealed that people only see one thing when you become successful: money. They try to sue you to get a piece of the pie, and they will try to copy you in hopes of getting half of the success. This is what happened when Bethenny learned that Sonja Morgan was launching a Prosecco called Tipsy Girl. Frankel was furious because she felt that Sonja was trying to get success from her, stealing some of her fame and following.

At the time, Bethenny Frankel threatened her, saying that she would no longer be her friend. She felt completely betrayed, even though Sonja thought that Bethenny would be excited about this new business venture. This all played out on The Real Housewives of New York, but it sounds like Sonja is just one of many who have tried to launch a cheater brand. Frankel is learning about new cheater brands as fans are bringing them to her attention.

The newest one is called Organic Girl. It’s a line of dressings that shows a skinny stick figure. In one of the covers for the pomegranate balsamic, the stick figure is wearing a red pomegranate dress and holding a glass.

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This is very close to the Skinnygirl business and logo that Bethenny Frankel has created. In addition, she’s already launched salad dressings in her business, so this could be a great example of someone trying to find success based on the path that Bethenny has created. However, this time she won’t have to ruin a friendship over it.

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel’s experience with cheater brands? Are you surprised that people continue to rip off her ideas?