NeNe Leakes is still talking about dropping two RHOA costars — Is Porsha Williams one of them?

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 15: NeNe Leakes attends the 2017 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party at Sunset Tower on September 15, 2017 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly)
WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 15: NeNe Leakes attends the 2017 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party at Sunset Tower on September 15, 2017 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly) /

Much of NeNe Leakes’ storyline on Season 10 of Real Housewives of Atlanta has centered around her feud with Porsha Williams. 

More than once since Season 10 of Real Housewives started, NeNe Leakes has come face-to-face with Porsha Williams. While Porsha swears “the door is closed” on their friendship, she also won’t stop confronting NeNe.

Porsha is still mad about NeNe’s comments after last season of RHOA when Andy Cohen asked her on Watch What Happens Next who should be fired for the drama surrounding Kandi Burruss and those nasty drug and rape rumors. RHOA fans will recall that NeNe quickly responded “Freak and Fraud” when asked, making fun of Phaedra and Porsha’s RHOA nickname, “Frick and Frack.”

NeNe denied calling for Porsha’s firing and her reasoning was simple. All she did was answer Andy’s question. NeNe feels like if she really wanted Porsha fired, she would have done a lot more to make sure it happened.

Does NeNe Leakes really have that much pull?

Whether NeNe can have people fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta or not, she’s still talking about who she wants to go from the show. It turns out, NeNe would still remove two women. However, this time around, Leakes is leaving the “who” a mystery because she’s not naming names.

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In a recent interview with Too Fab, NeNe was asked about RHOA casting and any changes that she would make. “If I had it my way, I would get rid of two girls,” NeNe responded.

“In my opinion, yes — the cast should be changed up a bit. If I had it my way, I would get rid of two girls and bring in two new ones for excitement,” NeNe explained. “You know, after a while with some of the girls, they just don’t have anything going on exciting enough to be a main cast member.”

Considering that Phaedra Parks is already gone, who might NeNe want to do away with besides Porsha? Of course, NeNe still wanting Porsha gone as one of those two is all assumption. She could have changed her mind in a few short months but I’m guessing not.

When asked who exactly should be cut from Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes clammed up. “I better keep who I think should go to myself because the moment I say anything, all hell breaks loose,” NeNe said.

So who might NeNe actually want to get rid of

The no-brainer is still Porsha Williams. NeNe Leakes has been beefing with her ever since that reunion show before NeNe left when she tried to give Porsha some advice and she wouldn’t take it. The two former friends live in the same neighborhood and they really don’t visit each other. It’s pretty clear that NeNe would be more than happy to say goodbye to Porsha on Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

As for the other peach holder, that’s a bit more complicated. It can’t be Kim Zolciak, whom we know NeNe would love to get rid of. The reason being — Kim is not a full-time RHOA star this season. Technically she doesn’t count.

NeNe is close with Kandi Burruss even though she ended up getting fired from the Xscape tour before it even started. It’s safe to say that Kandi wouldn’t be getting cut if NeNe was doing the choosing.

That really just narrows it down to Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore. On Season 10 of RHOA, Cynthia has desperately tried to hang on without stirring up any drama. She’s spent much of the season trying to convince everyone that she and Will are really dating. Do we really believe this one? It’s pretty obvious he was lined up as Cynthia’s storyline from the very first on-camera date.

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Without Peter Thomas (and even with him,) Cynthia’s life isn’t that exciting. She’s very likable but Cynthia stays out of the drama at any cost. She’s not that interesting anymore and despite being friends with NeNe, she may be on the exit list. It’s business, right?

Then there’s Kenya Moore. Kenya seems to be on many wish lists as far as who is exiting Real Housewives of Atlanta each season. Much like Cynthia, Kenya has also been accused of renting her boyfriends in order to have a RHOA storyline.

This season, Kenya is married but she won’t give anyone any details about her man. The mystery man and mystery wedding are looking mighty fake lately and there’s still not been a wedding license or anything definitive to prove otherwise. If Kenya’s marriage is real, more power to her. However, even the bulk of her castmates don’t believe it.

Why not Sheree Whitfield?

Sheree is the only current RHOA star that I didn’t mention as a potential for NeNe to get rid of (if she as actually doing the hiring and firing.) On Season 10 of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree shocked everyone with news that she had a new man. She shocked them even more when she revealed he isn’t really all that new but he is currently in prison. Now everyone wants to see how that plays out.

NeNe Leakes already confirmed that she knows Sheree’s man and she doesn’t like him. NeNe called him out for being a fraud and questioned Sheree for giving him another chance.

While NeNe certainly doesn’t approve of Sheree’s jail bae, it’s pretty clear that this is one of the most interesting storylines so far. Sheree’s explanation about how she ended up getting back together with a boyfriend in prison has been interesting, if not relatable on some level. At least RHOA fans aren’t completely having to relive the abuse allegations she put on her ex-husband and made everyone relive last season. Get your prison love on, Sheree!

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One thing is for sure, NeNe Leakes certainly isn’t talking about firing herself. While she did make it clear that some of the women on Real Housewives of Atlanta just don’t have enough going on right now to hold down that peach full-time, she also made it clear that she started that show and she is the queen peach holder, without her there would be no show.