Brittany Cartwright admits she never thought she’d stay if Jax Taylor cheated

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 06: Brittany Cartwright (L) and Jax Taylor (R) attend
NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 06: Brittany Cartwright (L) and Jax Taylor (R) attend /

Brittany Cartwright finally breaks her silence on Jax Taylor and the cheating scandal that rocked Vanderpump Rules.

If you have been watching Vanderpump Rules, you know the hottest storyline is Brittany Cartwright working through Jax Taylor cheating on her. The two are a popular couple, one that some fans have had high hopes for. In fact, they had their own spin-off on Bravo about her life and family in Kentucky.

It seemed like a fairytale. Sweet, southern girl meets a guy who loves to party and wrangles him into being a family man. Things seemed to be going well, but then, rumors began circulating earlier this year. Brittany Cartwright was spotted in Vegas alone. Of course, nothing was confirmed by the couple because everything was going to play out on Vanderpump Rules.

We are three episodes into the show and we already know Jax Taylor did cheat on Brittany Cartwright. Immediately, fans assumed she would be taking off and heading back home to Kentucky. That is clearly not what happened, but it is what many feel should have happened. Fans have sounded off all over social media about the situation.

Brittany Cartwright spoke to E! Online about the situation with Jax Taylor. She surprised herself by staying with him. Cartwright talked about how she felt she would leave him if he ever cheated, but when the time came, she just couldn’t do it. Brittany loves Jax, and that is what ultimately helped her choose to stay.

There is going to be some self-reflection happening for Jax Taylor this season on Vanderpump Rules. Brittany Cartwright says the two have worked through some of the issues. A lot of things have happened since the cheating incident. It’s been several months and the couple is reportedly in a very good place.

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Fans have warned Brittany Cartwright about the future, but she is convinced this will not happen again. Jax Taylor is known for being a serial cheater, and this is something that he will never live down. At this point, Brittany knows what’s up, and she chose to stay. This will either be really good going forward, or it will end really badly.