Brielle Biermann is beefing with RHOA stars like she wants to join the show

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Kim Zolciak returned to RHOA part time for Season 10 but it’s her daughter Brielle Biermann who is starting a lot of the drama. 

Brielle Biermann may have taken way too big of a bite into the RHOA drama. Kim Zolciak’s daughter has moved from feuding with NeNe Leakes to taking on even more of the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta over the past few days.

The whole thing started when Brielle posted a video of some bugs while crashing a party at NeNe’s house with her mom. The whole thing was blown way out of proportion and NeNe went ballistic after Kim and Brielle tried to claim she had roaches in her brand new (custom built) home.

It all got worse after NeNe Leakes called Kim Zolciak, Brielle Biermann and their whole family a bunch of racists. That prompted Kim to hire a lawyer and so far, it doesn’t look like anything is happening on that front. However, Kim and NeNe still aren’t cool and probably never will be.

Now you can add Kenya Moore to Brielle’s list of RHOA enemies. It seems she’s been taking shots at all of her mom’s foes lately. Kim recently went toe to toe with Kenya when the former beauty pageant queen went in on Kim for pimping out her daughter.

Keep in mind that this happened only after Kim picked at Kenya, called her marriage fake, and tried to take their feud to another level. Kenya is still trying to figure out what Kim’s problem is. News flash it’s her storyline. Otherwise, she probably wouldn’t have a problem with Kenya and she could use an ally because feuding with NeNe Leakes is like taking on a whole army of shade.

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So fast forward to Sunday when The Shade Room posted a picture of NeNe Leakes, Kenya Moore, and Cynthia Bailey. They asked their followers to name that girl group and some of the names were pretty funny.

It’s a safe bet that NeNe, Kenya, and Cynthia didn’t think it was funny when Brielle Biermann saw the post and decided to respond. She gave a 1-word answer that just might be gas on a RHOA shade fire.

Brielle Biermann’s response was “#Xstinct” to which many other commenters took offense. It was only after that that Brielle came back to defend herself, telling the other “roommates” that they needed to “relax” and that the whole thing was done “in fun.”

It’ll be interesting to see what NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore have to say about the comment. Cynthia Bailey probably won’t get involved because she seems to be too busy staying out of the drama and defending Kenya to take on Kim’s daughter in a social media match up.

In any case, things got even shadier when Brielle went on to post again on the Instagram photo, saying, “I wish the golden girls happiness.”

The Shade Room saw Brielle’s comment and they even took a screenshot of the thing, calling her out for being petty. Naturally, both Brielle Biermann and Kim Zolciak liked that post. They must be busy stirring the pot together. After all, what does Brielle know about the “Golden Girls.” Despite looking much older than she is, she’s certainly too young to know anything about that show.