More Heartache for Teresa Giudice while Siggy Flicker continues acting strange

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On the next episode of RHONJ, Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga will try to communicate with their mother. 

Teresa Giudice has had her share of tears and heartache since returning from her prison sentence. Most recently, her father was hospitalized with pneumonia but appears to be on the mend. However, he is so grief-stricken over the death of his wife, I would surely be concerned about his health going into the near future.

First Teresa lost her mother and now her father gave the family a health scare. Personally, I think, as she said herself that Joe put her in the unthinkable position of missing out on being with her mother. Of course, not knowing her mother would pass away makes this whole scenario dreadful.

I can’t predict the future (although there is scheduled to be a fortune teller on the show tonight) but I think the marriage is doomed. Teresa even stated she has not seen Joe for three weeks. Doesn’t sound promising to me. I say “kick Joe to the curb and move on, Teresa! The girls seem to be happier with Joe not around. Apparently, Gia is dating and there isn’t anything Joe can do about that!

When will Siggy calm down?

Another fiasco that is never ending this season is Siggy’s outrageous behavior. First, it was the cake that was thrown. The cake that never dies is still being commented on by her and that needs to end. Talk about beating a dead horse!

She has insulted just about every member of the cast so far with her antics. Laying on the floor and doing a horizontal happy dance after she took the poll with her friends about what they thought of the cake fiasco. What a sight to behold when that happened!

Next, it was the overnight retreat which made no sense. Siggy proclaims she is a relationship “expert.” Remind me to never give her a call should I need one.

She needs to practice what she preaches about relationships. So far, she hasn’t done too well in that department with her own friends on the show. I am sure Margaret would agree with that statement!

I love this show, but sometimes I stop and think if friends acted like this with me, would I really keep them as friends? Think about that one…

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RHONJ fans are looking forward to seeing tonight’s episode and what goes forward with Kim D. and her accusations about the Giudice marriage. Who will have Teresa’s back and who won’t? And what, if any, revelations will be made by the fortune teller?

Waiting with bated breath for tonight’s episode! Be sure to tune in to Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo at 9/8 central.