Kelly Dodd backtracks the Vicki Gunvalson comment about Terry Dubrow — What happened?

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Kelly Dodd has her foot in her mouth and now, she is backtracking in a big way! 

Let’s think back to Monday night on Watch What Happens Live. It was all fun and games with LeeAnne Locken and Kelly Dodd. The mood was light and the games were better than most.

Dodd and Locken were asked to say what they would do in a situation. Andy gave LeeAnne the RHOC moments and Kelly got the RHOD moments. When the clip came up about Cary Deuber criticizing LeeAnne’s plastic surgeon, fans waited to see what Kelly would say. Well, she definitely did a good job of talking out of turn, that’s for sure. Dodd actually threw Vicki Gunvalson under the bus.

She totally insinuated Vicki talked about Terry Dubrow in the same way Cary talked about LeeAnne’s doctor. I was shocked she would do that to her friend, and social media was buzzing about it as well. That was two days ago. And now, Kelly Dodd is changing her tune entirely.

Kelly decided to tweet and tag Vicki Gunvalson in it acknowledging that she misspoke. Apparently, she didn’t hear the question and she was flustered.

The problem with that excuse is that she clearly heard the directions for the other clips, so why is she backtracking now? Could Vicki have sent her a cease and desist?

Whatever the reason is behind it, a tweet is not the way you apologize for something you said that was untrue. Seriously, Kelly, I could have done better than that!

We really need this reunion to happen because Kelly Dodd is sticking her foot in her mouth big time this week. Aside from misquoting Vicki Gunvalson, she also said Meghan King Edmonds was Jimmy’s mistress. Of course, Edmonds denies that.

Next: Kelly has been talking about Meghan King Edmonds too!

The reunion will be filled with drama, and we are living for every minute of it. Don’t forget to tune in to Real Housewives of Orange County on Mondays at 9/8 central on Bravo.