NeNe Leakes fired? Controversial RHOA star may have just lost THIS gig!

NeNe Leaks and Kandi Burruss (Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz USA)
NeNe Leaks and Kandi Burruss (Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz USA) /

There will be consequences for NeNe Leakes’ rape rant and it looks like she just lost her first gig over it. 

The queen of RHOA may have just dethroned herself after wishing rape on a heckler on Saturday night. She’s already apologized but it looks like that wasn’t enough to save her from at least one job.

If you’re thinking that NeNe may have been fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta, you’re wrong. Well, at least wrong for now.

As a matter of fact, we don’t know official that she’s been fired at all. However, Kandi Burruss just tweeted out a new poster to promote the upcoming The Great Xscape Tour and guess whose name isn’t on it anymore.

More proof that NeNe Leakes won’t be headed out to host The Great Escape Tour can be found on Kandi Burruss’ Instagram. Or rather, you can see what’s no longer there. When we first reported that NeNe was added to the tour, we also added an Instagram announcement from Kandi about it. As you can see, that post has been removed.

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It’s pretty easy to see why those on the management (and risk) side of the upcoming tour may have reconsidered when it came to NeNe’s place as host of that tour. After her recent rape rant, NeNe’s involvement in the tour could be a problem in more than one way.

Despite a quick apology, many have not accepted it or forgiven NeNe for what she said. She may be sorry but many critics have pointed out that if it came out of her mouth that easy, how sorry can she be?

With the tour coming up so soon and so many upset over her comments, it’s probably best to drop NeNe Leakes as the host to avoid having Xscape fans avoid the concert in protest of what she said.

There’s also the liability of having NeNe Leakes on the tour. What if she says something equally offensive while hosting?

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So far, there has been no official word about NeNe Leakes being pulled from The Great Xscape Tour. Just the revised poster as seen above and Kandi’s deleted Instagram announcement. Do you think there will be an official statement about NeNe Leakes being fired or is this just a publicity stunt?