RHONJ Season 8: Siggy Flicker feuds with new girl Margaret Josephs

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Being the RHONJ new girl won’t earn Margaret Josephs a break from the drama or from a feud with Siggy Flicker. 

Real Housewives of New Jersey makes its Season 8 debut tonight and there’s going to be drama right from the first few minutes. Some of that drama will be between RHONJ vet Siggy Flicker who says she has been feuding with the newbie Margeret Josephs.

It turns out that Siggy met Margaret before she was a RHONJ cast member. Even with the soft introduction, she told Too Fab that the two women definitely didn’t hit it off!

Right off the bat, right out of the gate, I introduce somebody to the group and welcome this person with open arms,” Siggy explained. “My energy and my chemistry with this person does not work. That has been shown in the trailer.”

In the RHONJ Season 8 trailer, Siggy Flicker can be seen yelling at Margaret Josephs and she is clearly heated. It turns out Siggy may have violent aspirations too. She was seen in another sneak peek telling Teresa Giudice that she wanted to “take [Margaret] and pull on those pigtails until they come out of her head.” Yikes!

Despite giving us a heads up on the drama, Siggy didn’t really divulge why she and Margaret are at odds. Well, aside from just not having good chemistry.

Siggy Flicker did say that she had been disrespected by Margaret a few times. She also mentioned that, although she only met her once before coming on RHONJ, Margaret was the one harboring the hate, not her.

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Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 premieres on Wednesday at 9/8 central. Champagne and Shade will be live tweet the premiere episode. RHONJ fans are invited to follow us on Twitter and join in the fun!