Is Potomac’s Jamal Bryant Phaedra Parks’ Mr. Chocolate from RHOA?

The Preachers / YouTube
The Preachers / YouTube /

Rumor has it that Phaedra Parks’ Mr. Chocolate is none other than the pastor Jamal Bryant, ex-husband of Real Housewives of Potomac’s Gizelle.

In a delightful bit of crossover drama, word on the street is that Phaedra Parks’ “Mr. Chocolate” is none other than the pastor Jamal Bryant, ex-husband of Real Housewives of Potomac‘s Gizelle Bryant.

Mr. Chocolate has been a plot line on Real Housewives of Atlanta for years. The mysterious man was the subject of accusations of infidelity directed at Phaedra. (Kenya spent nearly two seasons looking for proof he existed.) Now, after the Atlanta reunion, his existence seems to be confirmed and the latest theory puts a name to a nickname and an ex-wife weighs in.

Gizelle Bryant, Jamal Bryant’s ex-wife and star of RHOP, gave her take when she stopped by The Breakfast Club this week. Here’s her convo with hosts Charlamagne tha God and Angela Lee.

Charlamagne: Didn’t Jamal mess with one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, too? Mr. Chocolate or something?

Gizelle: That is the word on the street.

Charlamagne: He’s Mr. Chocolate, right?

Gizelle: No! I’ll say this: He has categorically denied that he is Mr. Chocolate.

Charlamagne: Got it.

Gizelle: But Phaedra’s like the gift that keeps on giving. Last week was a bad week for her.

Angela: There you have it.

Charlamagne: Well, if she is sleeping with a pastor that’s good for her, she need prayer.

Gizelle: I didn’t say that! I said that he has denied that.

Angela: These are allegations.

Gizelle: These are allegations, right. He said that the only TV personality that he’s ever been in a relationship with he was married to. So that means me.

Angela: That could just mean he’s not in a relationship.

Gizelle: It could. But…

Angela: Semantics.

The conversation moved on from there. Despite Jamal’s own attempts to downplay the rumor — and Gizelle’s willingness to keep the party line — legions of fans believe he was the Mr. Chocolate of RHOA fame. It wasn’t like Gizelle’s denial was steadfast.

Of course, there is also the conspiracy theory that Mr. Chocolate was never real to begin with. And with Phaedra Parks leaving RHOA, we may never know the truth.