RH spin-offs you should watch when your faves are on hiatus

Vanderpump Rules / Bravo
Vanderpump Rules / Bravo /

Spring is a bit of a lull in the Real Housewives universe, but there’s always more drama to be found in spin-offs and overseas.

Let’s check in on the Real Housewives world, shall we? Atlanta has just wrapped, rather dramatically, and Orange County doesn’t return until “summer” which we can assume means July, late June at earliest. Bravo confirmed New Jersey and Beverly Hills will both be back for their eighth seasons and Real Housewives of Dallas got a second season too. (Unfortunately, none of those announcements came with premiere dates for those gems.)

So what are you to watch to get your RH drama fix? Well, the ladies on RHNY are still in doing their thing and Potomac, while off last week, will be back May 21.

Still, if those aren’t really for you, there’s no shortage of related shows and mini-series in the RH universe. Here are just a few.


RH spin-offs sometimes, but not always, focus on a former housewife. Take, for instance, Vanderpump Rules. Nominally, the show follows Lisa Vanderpump, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills favorite, as she runs the West Hollywood restaurant SUR. Really, it’s much more about the cast of characters on the restaurant’s staff. Still, that doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

Don’t Be Tardy, focused on Kim Zolciak from Atlanta, is the only other spin-off that is still on the air – though far be it from us to stop you from watching


If a real housewife gets (re)married, there’s a supremely good chance that the engagement, planning and big day became a Bravo mini-series. From the Atlanta cast, NeNe Leakes had I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding, a seven-episode series that follows her as she plans her second wedding with former husband Gregg. Kandi Durress, also from the Atlanta show, had the five-episode Kandi’s Wedding documenting her Coming to America-themed wedding to Todd Tucker.

And over in California, you can catch up with a three-part docu-series charting the wedding planning of RHOC‘s Tamra Judge (formerly Barney) in Tamra’s OC Wedding.

International editions

If you’re still looking for something to watch and are feeling rather fastidious about sticking to the Real Housewives name, then there are still any number of Real Housewives Of… shows for you to catch up. In addition to those domestic editions that didn’t last (RIP D.C. and Miami), there are plenty of international options for you. Melbourne and Cheshire, as well as the differently-named Ladies of London, are all aired in the U.S. on Bravo, but step outside that box and you’ve got RHOS (Sydney), RHOT (Toronto) and RHOAKL (Auckland) too.