Jordyn Woods enjoys alone time in pink bikini showoff

If there were ever an award for the best-dressed celebrity on Instagram, we’re more than positive Jordyn Woods would be in the running for that top spot.

Simply put, the celebrity knows how to dress to the nines no matter what the situation is, and her latest Instagram post is certainly not an exception to the norm.

This time, Jordyn is sporting a gorgeous pink bikini, prompting her many fans to marvel in appreciation that she’s not afraid to show off her curves and defy the status quo. What’s more, the former reality star is flaunting her curly natural hair, which is making all the naturalistas out there rejoice about the fact that there’s another famous individual who is in love with her curls.

Prepare to be blown away by the one and only Jordyn Woods! Check out her latest Instagram post below.

Jordyn Woods’ pink bikini

Perhaps chilling by herself in a red-tinted jacuzzi is her way of catching up on some alone time. If so, we certainly don’t have a single objection towards that, especially because her pink thong bikini contrasts the water’s color in a super unique way, making her the center of attention that you absolutely can’t miss.

She is and always will be the moment, so be sure to take in all of her beauty. Jordyn Woods’ stunning flick is right here.


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A simple “dnd” is what Jordyn put in this photo’s caption. Fortunately for us, leaving a compliment in her comment section doesn’t exactly disturb the celebrity one bit.

“Damn girl!!!!!! I literally gasped,” one comment wrote, while another couldn’t help but feel the same way, commenting, “Honestly my goodness!!! I had to come back and comment again [because of] the material!!!!!”

Jordyn’s baby sister, Jodie Woods, also paid a visit to her sister’s picture. She wrote a very expressive “sheeeeeeesh” under the photo, a comment that perfectly captures everyone’s amazement at the 24-year-old’s gorgeousness.

If this photo doesn’t make Instagram crown Jordyn Woods as queen of fabulous pictures, then we’re sure that her next photo will do just that. Be sure to check back in with us to see what the celebrity will bless us with next.