Miley Cyrus faces backlash in pantless banana photo

Miley Cyrus hiking up her leg in a no-pants look and surrounded by a sea of peeled bananas has sparked immense backlash. The 28-year-old singer, making headlines this year as she fronts luxury label Gucci, made headlines last month for opening up to Interview Mag, with photos on her Instagram coming heavy as she promoted the feature.

Miley, followed by 151 million, shared shots of herself in sheer monogrammed Gucci underwear and amid grass while kitted out in French brand Chanel, but it was one photo, in particular, seeing the blonde criticized.

Miley Cyrus

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 06: Miley Cyrus, wearing Gucci, attends the 10th Annual LACMA ART+FILM GALA honoring Amy Sherald, Kehinde Wiley, and Steven Spielberg presented by Gucci at Los Angeles County Museum of Art on November 06, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Donato Sardella/Getty Images for LACMA)

Miley Cyrus Goes Bananas In Pantless Photo

Scroll for the snap, one seeing Miley sandwiching two trees as she yanked up her leg in a pretty flexible display. The “Midnight Sky” singer, photographed wearing printed underpants and a thin-strapped yellow tank top, posed rather casually – and dramatically, too – with her pink platform heels taking center stage as she rested one foot against the trunk in front of her and the other way up above her head.

The image’s foreground was fruity, to say the least. Cyrus was near what were likely 100+ bananas, all open and ready to eat. The former Hannah Montana star shouted out No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani in her caption, writing: “Let me hear you say, this sh-t is bananas
B-A-N-A-N-A-S   @interviewmag LiNk In BiO to read my convo with @larsulrich styled by @melzy917 shot by @briannalcapozzi“.”

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While Miley received plenty of positive comments and over 2 million likes, one issue is prevailing as fans raise eyebrows. The “Prisoner” hit-maker is getting told the peeled bananas are a huge food waste.


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“DON’T WASTE FOOD GIRL,” a popular reply reads, with another user saying: “I feel like this is a huge waste of food girl.” Echoing the thought was a fan telling the daughter to Billy Ray Cyrus to  “Plz give to some one who doesn’t get food to eat.” The bananas were also referred to as a “huge waste of food.”

“The first thing I see in the photo is how many bananas are on the ground😢😢😢😢 so sad,” a further fan chimed in. Miley, who has not addressed the backlash, has, however, made headlines over the pandemic for encouraging fans not to hoard food. The first wave of COVID, also bringing the star’s “BrightMinded” Instagram series, saw her urging her followers not to buy all the soup in the store as grocery chains faced panic buyers.