Nicole Scherzinger impresses with drenched bikini yoga session

Nicole Scherzinger is getting the thumbs-up for showing off a zen yoga moment while poolside and absolutely soaking wet. The 43-year-old singer and reality judge, known for both her yogi edge and swimwear-loving side, has been busy on Instagram as she keeps her physical and mental health in check, with a recent post seeing her shout out peace, quiet and killer swimsuit bodies.

Posting ahead of the weekend, the Pussycat Dolls singer stunned fans while outfitted in the tiniest bikini – anyone following the account will know the shots follow a headline-making upside-down yoga session that was once again bikini-clad.


Nicole Scherzinger Brings The Zen In Bikini

Scroll for the photos, ones shared with Nicole’s 5 million followers. The Hawaii native, who seems to love anything beachy or pool-equipped, had been snapped back to the camera and sitting in the lotus position while at the edge of a serene swimming pool.

The ocean-view setting, which took on an infinity edge, came complete with a near-stormy and very cloudy sky, with Nicole seemingly fresh from a dip. She wore a stringy and white bikini with banded details and a tie finish, also showing off wet hair worn down.

A swipe to the right showed the “Buttons” singer flaunting her toned shoulders and arms as she struck a pose – here, closed eyes and a slight smile enhanced the zen vibe. Nicole’s fans, who have thrown her over 85,000 likes, got a caption as the star wrote: “We can weather anything, if we stay calm in the eye of the storm. #keepthefaith #trust #manamonday.” Nicole also tagged Mana Movement, whom she regularly shouts out on social media.


Yoga And Plenty More

Nicole might come with eye-catching yoga posts, but there’s plenty more to the star’s insane exercise portfolio. The ab queen and Pilates lover has opened up on her workout regimen, telling Women’s Health Mag:

“In a typical workout I would run on the treadmill maybe 20 mins, then try to do some squats, some sit-ups on the exercise ball, some yoga stretches.”

“When I’m home I like to take a spinning class called Soul Cycle or I like to do hot yoga – a modified version of bikram yoga – or hiking, and core power yoga in LA,” she added.

Nicole also revealed a balanced eating approach that includes sushi, soups, meats and veggies, but cheat foods are totally allowed. “When I’m going to indulge, I love pasta, pizza, I love Mexican with lots of cheese. I love French fries, or crisps – salt and vinegar crisps. In terms of snacks: almonds, coconut water, bits of coconut, baby carrots,” she concluded.