Sommer Ray makes fans laugh with ‘quirky’ Instagram post

Sommer Ray is opening wide and downing the cream in a video that nobody expected. The 24-year-old fitness model and social media sensation was busy gobbling a giant Kosher dill pickle on her TikTok today, but it was a different story on the blonde’s Instagram, where the food she swallowed wasn’t consumed in the traditional way.

Sommer, who has filmed herself eating peanut butter sandwiches in her car and saying it’s “gross,” delighted her 26.6 million followers with an unexpected gulp of two coffee creamer containers – seen seated at a restaurant table, the Sommer Ray’s Shop founder showed her knack for milking social media – with a milk product.

Sommer Ray Downs The Creamer

Scroll for the video, one that explains why Forbes dubbed Ray “Not Your Average Instagram Model” back in 2018. The footage showed the Colorado native in a dark sweatshirt and with her leopard-print cross-body bag across her. Awaiting her food, but seemingly spotting something to consume anyway, Sommer was seen casually opening packages of creamer and shoveling them down her throat.

Dramatically licking her lips and seeming to enjoy the whole thing, Sommer took to her caption, writing: “So you’re telling me no one else does this?”

Fans are absolutely loving it. “You’re so quirky,” one wrote. “Not enough people do this,” another said, adding: “Hard flex.” For one user, it was something they did “when I was like 5 yrs old,” but they were all for it, leaving the star a like – another 286,000 joined them.

The Instagram updates may be fun and light-hearted as Sommer’s infectious personality wins the fans over, but it’s hardcore business for the star, who just this summer launched her second brand. IAMRAIS offers edible beauty gummies – the brand adds to Sommer’s existing Sommer Ray’s Shop clothing and swim range.

In early June and while posing nude on a bed and surrounded by her gummies, Sommer announced her new brand, telling fans:

“I created @imaraisbeauty skin care gummies for people who want to reclaim their skin care routine. its time for science-backed skin care that’s smart, simple and sustainable. because what you put on your body is a topical solution, but what you put in your body, that is the true solution ⚡️.”

Sommer may focus on what you put “in” your body, but the cheat foods are all there. She’s made headlines for chowing down on buckets of KFC while bikini-clad, also making 2020 headlines for ordering everything off the menu at fast-food chain Chick-Fil-A.