Kaley Cuoco wows in plunging tank after ‘wild’ hot yoga

Kaley Cuoco has been channeling her inner yogi and doing the one thing she missed the most during the pandemic – group exercise classes. The 35-year-old sitcom star, so devoted to yoga, she’s even rocked Halloween candy-print spandex for it, updated her Instagram stories over the weekend with a quick post-yoga selfie, one coming as a friend repost and with mentions of a “wild” hot yoga session.

Kaley, who has personally admitted to falling “in love” with hot yoga after learning she hated running, was all fresh-faced and makeup-free in the photo, looking stunning and happy as she posed with two girlfriends in the gym locker room.

Kaley Cuoco Stuns After Weekend Hot Yoga

Kaley updated with a #aboutlastnight. The fitness lover, who has been taking her wellness seriously this year as she fronts Olly vitamins gummies, appeared on the far left as she held a selfie camera, with the triple ladies shot coming all smiles and pouts.

Kaley, wearing a baggy and low-cut dark gray top, had layered her workout clothes with a tight black tank beneath it, also rocking a beige tote shoulder bag and her long blonde hair swept up into a bun. The Big Bang Theory star wore only simple gold necklaces for accessories – not a million miles off the look wowing fans just yesterday as Kaley stunned in a snuggle sofa moment.

“Wild Friday night in hot yoga with my girls,” the caption read, with Kaley’s IG tagged. “TBH they finished the class, I had to take a break, I was dying,” Kaley’s friend added.

Kaley, this year showing major love for cult exercise brand SoulCycle, has opened up on how her fitness choices work. In short, the star figures out what she loves by discovering what she hates. In 2016, Kaley spoke to Women’s Health, revealing:

“I tried spinning, I tried running, I tried Pilates. I realized I don’t like running … I refuse to do it,” adding that she “fell in love” with hot yoga. One year later, the HBO Max star told Shape:

“Doing yoga five times a week has transformed my body. I love being toned and having muscle; it’s so sexy and beautiful. And I owe it 100% to yoga.”

“I go to a place called CorePower Yoga. One morning I’ll take the Hot Power Fusion class, which is an amazing calorie burner. Or I’ll take a Yoga Sculpt class, where we wear three-pound weights during yoga moves,” she added.

Kaley made 2020 headlines for a joint home L.A. workout shoot with 32-year-old sister Briana Cuoco. The duo is now co-starring via Kaley’s The Flight Attendant series, one renewed for a second season and recently earning the actress nine Emmy Award nominations.