Kaley Cuoco Thrilled With New Dead Dog Pajamas

Kaley Cuoco is seemingly mighty pleased with the latest addition to her famous sleepwear wardrobe. The 35-year-old sitcom star, known for her love of budget nightgowns, is fresh from showcasing her newest bed look, one that came with a hot pink colorway and covered in prints of 2021-deceased Pit Bull Mix dog Norman. Kaley, followed by 6.7 million on Instagram, updated early this morning to show off her matching sleep set, even posing with a stuffed toy replica of the pooch she and husband Karl Cook sadly said goodbye to this year.

Not Her First Sleepwear Show-Off

Kaley’s story comes in the wake of headlines she’s made for her unusual sleepwear. In 2020, it was The Big Bang Theory star calling her Amazon nightgowns an “essential item” during the global pandemic, per The Blast. This time shifting from nighties to PJs, the girl behind Penny posed all smiles in a traditional, button-down pajama set, also peeping the interiors of her $12 million Hidden Hills home.

Even holding a mug with a Norman print and with her hair in a messy bun, Kaley wrote:

“I LOVE MY NEW NORMAN PJs,” adding that husband Karl Cook knows her “so well.” Kaley and Karl, who tied the knot in 2018, raised Norman alongside fellow dogs including Ruby, Blueberry, and Shirley. The actress has named her Yes, Norman Productions company after her dog. In early 2021, Cuoco made headlines for marking Norman’s passing, telling fans:

“Earth shattering deep gut wrenching pain I didn’t know was possible. Norman, you were my entire world for 14 years. Thank you for smiling at me as you left this world, confirming for me once again our language was ours alone. You will always have my heart.”

Husband Knows Her ‘So Well’

Kaley had tagged equestrian Karl’s Instagram handle in her post. The HBO Max star is also fresh from celebrating three years of marriage to Karl – he’s her second husband after a failed 2013-2016 marriage to tennis player Ryan Sweeting. Taking to Instagram to mark the milestone, the Olly partner wrote:

“2 years to the day before we got married and now 3 years married! Why have you stayed married to me for so long?! I’m sincerely impressed @mrtankcook lol I love you oh so much you have no idea …happy anniversary!!!”

Kaley and Karl, once known for their “unconventional marriage,” per Kaley’s words, only moved in together in March 2020. Kaley joked that the pandemic had forced them to live together. The hubby, who’s a billionaire heir, wove Norman into his third anniversary gift for Kaley: the stuffed toy version of her rescue dog was his unusual gesture for the calendar date. Kaley, seemingly not needing fancy Kardashian-style gestures, was thrilled with it.