RHONJ Season 9 Reunion Part 2 Recap

What did we think of the RHONJ reunion, part 2? Certainly not as juicy as the first one, but not a dried out lemon either.

Are we bad people because we watch a show, hoping for drama and nastiness between family and friends? Perhaps,  but label us all you want. Let’s be honest. A reality show without conflict wouldn’t last more than one episode. Thank you RHONJ!

We’re not bad people, some of us are just bored and need some excitement to add to our lives. The rest, need to escape from our own dramas and watch someone else’s.

Let’s talk about Teresa Guidice. I mean it’s her show, right? She was certainly in the hot seat and it was nice to see Melissa Gorga stick to her guns. The RHONJ OG isn’t so G now. Oh snap!

Speaking of OGs, how psyched are we for Season 11 of New York City??? It looks like some major drama is set to go down between the ladies of the Big Apple. Jovani! Jovani!

Jackie Goldschneider delivered a fantastic performance and I am in love. Her confidence and amazing smirks are simply awesome. Did you catch Teresa’s grammatical mistakes? Jackie, Melissa and Andy Cohen sure did. “Persway”? That’s up there with “ingrediences”. Oh Teresa. What are we going to do with you Teresa?

By the way, where has Danielle Staub been? Did you hear she is engaged AGAIN? I think this makes 21, right? Next week, the juices will be flowing. So much so, we better bring a whole roll of paper towels. Danielle joins the ladies, the men come aboard and it is sure to be juicy entertainment at its finest.

What do you think of this season of RHONJ? Which RHONJ is your favorite dressed at the reunion? Drop all your juicy opinions in the comments!